Hearts On Fire


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She defines the phrase 'Fire for Fire', but what happens if he doesn't see that fire bubbling in her rock? And not even understand it even if he sees it? At some point, her fire gets doused and she lives like a drowned cat with tears all over, but what hurts her the most is, he never notices.

She hates him at first meeting, he derives joy from hurting her soul without an ounce of guilt.

She sets to revenge, revealing the darkest secret of his life.

On his quest for revenge, his walls will crack. The barries surrounding his heart will burn right before his eyes. His Drakaina, as he named her, will set his heart on fire and when he smiles back at her, her heart too will be set on fire.

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such an amazing book

2023/5/4 Reply

it's beautiful

2023/1/6 Reply

Maryam Kibiya

this chapter is so interesting

2022/12/2 Reply

Maryam Kibiya

A friend recommended the book , really looking forward to it

2022/12/1 Reply

Aisha Ibrahim

the book is very interesting😍.

2022/11/15 Reply

Fatima Mustapha

Am really looking forward to finishing this novel , its so far my best book

2022/8/21 Reply

Bamidele Hafsah

I love this book

2021/12/7 Reply

Aisa Umar

I love this book it’s Amazing

2021/11/18 Reply

Zainab Hamisu Sabo

I love this book 🥰

2021/11/10 Reply

Aisha Aliyu

One thing I've come to love about this book is Fatima Zarah's fire🔥

2021/11/5 Reply