Gran Matador #4

"Don't be silly, Dracula. Of course the Condez won't know your real identity," I told Sandro as soon as Mr. Del Fierro disappeared.

"I got your plan, okay? I just can't imagine you doing this," he reasoned out.

"What do you mean?"

"I know your codename Octopus and it says it all. Does Queen Venom already know about this?"

"Of course, Dear. She gave me this project."

He remained his cat eyes on me. His eyes reminded me of Sienna's but they differ in shade.

"Okay," he said with finality. "Even if I still don't understand you, I will agree to your plans. Just make sure the Condez won't know my real identity."

I laughed softly. "Poor little boy. What are you afraid of? Don't you trust me enough?"

"I do but I know your tricks, Berreta. You're confusing you know. You quickly change your mind."

I crossed my legs and puffed my cigarette as I was eyeing him. I can see mixed emotions in his eyes.

"I can't stick to the plan, Dracula. There's always a tendency that someone will sabotage me. Just in case that happens, I have other plans and that includes killing traitors," I explained.

"Ugh!" He groaned. "You're indeed the daughter of your mother." I chuckled at his statement. "Either way, my side is in you but in one condition."

I finished puffing my cigarette and threw the filter on the floor. I stood up and squashed the filter. I tramped towards him and smiled.

I closed the distance between us. I fixed his necktie while my eyes at his. I leaned forward and kissed the side of his lips.

"No more conditions. You'll be safe with me, Dracula. Trust me," I said softly. I smiled sweetly at him before I whirled around and walked away.

I gathered my team together before Sandro and I drove to Governor Amon Condez's office. I asked my team about their task, if there was a progress and just like I expected, they were working on it. Each of them had target already.

"I need the reports at the end of the week," I told them and they all agreed.

Greg Del Fierro was with us as we headed to Tagbilaran where the governor's office was. Sandro was driving while I sat next to him. Greg, on the other hand, sat at the back.

"I already told Governor's secretary that we are on our way now," Greg informed.

"Good," I replied shortly.

I opened the black brief case containing $2,000,000 amount of money. It will be enough for now. This was just a bait. If Amon Condez will bite this, I can triple the money for the next transaction.

"$2M is too much already," the driver complained.

I ran my fingers on the money.

"If you're a hungry shark and you saw two foods, which one will you devour first? The small or the big?" I asked him.

I shifted my eyes to him. His eyes flickered from the side mirror to the road. My lips etched into a ghost smile and I shifted my eyes to the case again.

"Of course the big one," he answered.

"That's exactly why I have to offer him big amount of money, Dracula," I said. "A hungry man will never choose a bite-sized food when he can have the jumbo one."

I closed the brief case and handed it to Greg. He immediately took it from my hand.

I took a long breath and diverted my attention outside the window. My mind was in chaos. I was thinking of the possibilities.

We arrived in front of a Municipal building. Sandro parked the car in a vacant place. I got out first and they followed me.

The cold wind whispered against my ears. Bohol was picturesque. No doubt. It has many tourist attractions-one of them was the Chocolate Hills where tarsiers can be found too.

"I'll lead the way, Lucia," Greg offered and ushered us inside the Municipal building.

I glanced at Sandro and smiled at him. He stretched his palm towards me and I accepted it. Sandro's looks was different. Brown eyes-which was the color of his lense, tanned skin and curly hair. They complimented his over all physical features. I couldn't see any mark of him as Alexander Montgomery.

We followed Greg. Some people were eyeing us-as if we looked aliens. Some of them greeted us and Sandro and I greeted them back.

We ascended to the second floor and headed to the governor's office. A lady welcomed us. I assumed she was the secretary already.

"Good afternoon. Please tell Gov. Condez that we're here," Greg said to the lady. The lady nodded in return and walked inside a white door.

Greg faced us with a smile. I glanced at Sandro who was staring at me already. I nodded at him and he did the same thing.

Abbadon's POV

"Someone wants to donate in our charity," Dad told me as we were inside his office.

"Who?" I asked, leaning against my chair. Governor Amon, on the other hand, sat across from me.

"Gregorio's niece,"

"He has a niece?" I asked in confusion.

"Yup," he nodded. "Lucia Del Fierro-Azarcon."

I contemplated who was Lucia Del Fierro. It's my first time to hear that name. She was never mentioned by Tito Gregorio.

"I don't recognize her," I stated.

"She grows up in States. She's actually here for business transaction."

I propped my knuckles below my chin. I wondered why Lucia wanted to donate to Condez Charity.

"Single?" I asked.

Dad chuckled. "No, hijo. In fact, she's with her husband."

I straightened up my back. Why did the name Lucia Del Fierro sound mysterious to me? Perhaps it just didn't sound familiar?

"They'll visit here?" I asked and he nodded.

"Yup. They will give the money personally."

Someone knocked on the door. Dad and I halted. I glanced at the door. And just that Cia, dad's secretary, came into view.

"Gov, they are here," Cia reported.

I threw my gaze at Dad. "Let them come, Cia."

"Okay, Gov," she replied and went outside.

"Who are they, Dad?" I asked as I shifted my attention to governor.

"It's Lucia Del Fierro-Azarcon," he said. "Be presentable."

I stood up and tugged my polo shirt. My curiosity was defeaning inside my mind. I stood next to Dad, thinking who was this powerful woman.

The door opened. Cia entered first and Tito Gregorio followed. Behind him were two unfamiliar faces.

"Gov," Tito Gregorio formally greeted and shook his hand with dad's. "This is my niece Lucia and her husband Moriel Azarcon."

"It's an honor to finally meet you, Lucia," Dad greeted and offered his hand. The woman smiled warmly and accepted Dad's habd. "So as to you, Mr. Azarcon." Moriel did the same thing.

"Pleased to meet you, Governor Condez," the woman, whom I supposed was Lucia, greeted in her sweet voice.

"You can call me Uncle, Lucia. You're not a stranger to us," dad said.

Lucia smiled sweetly and glanced at me.

"Hi," she greeted warmly.

"My son Abbadon," dad introduced me to her.

"Pleased to meet you, Abbadon. I'm Lucia Azarcon," she said.

"Abbadon Condez," I replied. I offered her my hand and she immediately accepted it. I also did it to her husband.

"Have a seat first?" Dad gestured his hand towards the vacant seats.

"Sure, Gov- I mean Uncle," Lucia smiled.

Cia offered them the vacant seats. The married couple settled down. I sat next to my father while the three sat across from us.

"Your Tito Gregorio told me you just arrived," Dad started.

"Yes, Tito. Together with my husband," she replied.

"Will you stay here for good?"

"No, Tito. We're just here for business and for vacation as well."

"Good to hear that, Lucia. Uhh, your tito told me you want to donate in our charity?"

"Yes, Tito. I really want to fund your charity."

"Why?" I asked. All of them looked at me. "Why our charity?"

Lucia glanced at her husband then back to me.

"Actually... I really love children, Abbadon," she said. "I want to support their future. Uncle Greg told me Condez Charity is a home for the orphans. How unfortunate those abandoned children when some parents out there wished to have a child."

Sadness mirrored her eyes. I panicked mentally when she suddenly cried. I grabbed some tissue and gave it to her, but her husband was the one who took it.

"I-I'm sorry I got carried away," she said in between her sobs.

I shifted my eyes to Dad and Uncle Gregorio. I was so confused. Did I say something wrong to make her cry?

"Moriel and I have been praying to bear a child but until now, we're still hopeless," Lucia said, wiping her tears away. "Instead of wasting our money for luxurious things, we both decided to donate it in your charity. We might be a great help to those children."

Dad and I looked at each other. I pitied Lucia. Tama siya. Some women threw their babies away while this married couple wasn't given a chance to be a parent. Those who wanted to bear a child were unfortunate enough to be rejected.

"I'm sorry to hear that, Lucia. I was so insensitive," I apologized. She wiped her cheeks and smiled to me.

"It's okay, Abbadon. I know it wasn't your intention," she said.

I sighed heavily. I felt bad for myself. I knew they were just good people yet I questioned their intentions.

"Uncle, this is the money," she said. Uncle Gregorio handed my dad the brief case and opened it right in front of us.

My lips parted in shock. I blinked twice and looked closely to the money.


"It's $2M, Tito Amon," Lucia said.

"This is too much, Lucia," Dad said and I agreed. That was big already!

"It's nothing, uncle. We can't use it anyway," she said. "Your charity deserves it more."

My eyes locked to dad's. He can't believe too that this couple actually gave us huge amount of money. They were tremendously rich! To think this was worthless to them, surely they still had something to give!

"I am a business woman in States earning hundred million dollars every month. I hope this would be enough," Lucia stated.

I was shocked even more. If that so, this couple was really powerful! Perhaps she was just as rich as now because of her husband?

"This is already a great help, Lucia. Thank you so much for your generosity," Dad said and Lucia just smiled.

"The future of children is more important than our selfish needs, Tito Amon," she said. "I'll be funding your Condez Charity from now on. If you need financial assistance, don't hesitate to call me."

"I appreciate your kindness, Lucia. Thank you so much. The children will be so happy to meet you," dad said and smiled.

Lucia flashed a friendly smile on her face. She glanced at her husband, who smiled back at her. He kissed her forehead and intertwined their hands. I quickly looked away.

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