Chapter Four - Scarlett

It didn’t take long for the media to pick up on my replacement. Strategically placed paparazzi managed to snap a pic of Xavier and Arabelle chatting to one another leaving the venue after a concert. I could tell it was innocent on Xavier’s side, and on her side it was just more of her “I’ll chase you until you relent.” façade. The headlines in the tabloids certainly didn’t help quell my worries.

Savier: Going Nowhere, out with the scars, in with the smoking hot replacement.

Scarlett and Xavier: The world’s favorite rock power couple… Over! Find out why!

Xavier’s new mystery woman…. Scarlett who? He says.

“Oh honey, what have I told you about googling yourself?” Mom berated me as she walked into the kitchen.

“It’ll only make me feel worse, even though 90% of it is bull shit.” I replied as I clicked on another tabloid link. “I can’t help it.

Mom walked over to me and pressed the screen of the laptop down. “I’ve seen the tabloids honey. You know the truth. Xavier knows the truth. What everyone else thinks is insignificant.

I sighed and nodded. She was right, and usually Xavier would be around to remind me of the exact same thing. Except he wasn’t here with me, and that was where the problem lay.

“It’s only been two days and I feel like I’m going crazy. He’s so busy when we talk. We’ve had a little more than 40 minutes to chat since I left. I miss him.

“Of course you do honey and he will be missing you too. He’s probably just as torn up about the distance as you are, but he’s got the tour to keep him busy. As soon as you’re on the promo tour you’ll be the same.

“I hope so.

Mom poured us both a glass of wine. “Make sure you go to bed soon. You’ve got an early morning tomorrow.

“Yes Mom. Thank you.” I smiled picking up the glass. Mom left the room and I began to lift the laptop lid up again. Before I could get very far my phone started ringing. I picked it up and answered.


“Hey Babe. How are you?

“I miss you.” I replied, my voice was as low as I felt. “Although these tabloids are lifting my spirits.” I mocked.

“You know they’re all shit.” He whispered. “Don’t let it get to you.

“I’m trying really hard.” I replied.

“Speaking of hard… I miss you too by the way. I woke up this morning and it took me at least ten minutes to realize you weren’t coming back to bed.” He laughed softly. “It took a cold shower to convince the rest of me.

I felt a smile touch my face. “You didn’t need to get rid of it you know.” I whispered back, looking around to make sure I was alone. “You could have touched it.

I heard Xavier’s breathing hitch. “Where are you right now?” He murmured, I recognized his seductive tone, the one that always seem to catch me off guard.

“In the kitchen. Mom and Dad are in bed.” I replied, closing my laptop completely. “I’m heading up to bed now too.

“Mmmm, into the room I had so many teenage fantasies about you in… that’s fine with me.

“Xavier! You’re a pervert.” I giggled as I walked up the stairs. “Where are you?

“In my hotel room. Alone, and I’ll have you know, all that hard work this morning was for nothing now.

My face flushed with heat. He was aroused, and with a shallow breath I realized I was too.

“Where are your hands?” I whispered as I opened my bedroom door. I walked inside, locking it behind me. Being in here always took me back to high school. It hadn’t been a nice time, but it was all different now. With a sigh I flopped onto my bed.

“Where do you want them to be.” He replied.

“On me.” I answered back honestly.

“I want that too baby.” He grunted. “But for now we need to get creative. Have you got the hands free kit that came with these phones?

I looked over at my suitcase. It was all packed for the morning, but I knew the phone accessory box was at the top. “Yes. Hold on, let me get it.

I walked over to the suitcase and opened it. I pulled out the phone box grabbed the kit and plugged it in.


“Good. Now lie down.

“What are we doing?

“Turning video calling on.” He murmured. “No selling my nudes to the media Scarlett.” He teased.

I let out an uncontrollable giggle. “But I’d make so much money.” I teased.

“I think I’d make more off of yours these days baby.

I lay down and held my phone out in front of me. I pressed the video button and waited for the camera to connect with the call. When Xaviers face appeared I couldn’t stop the rush of tears.

“Babe.” He sighed softly. “Don’t cry.

I wiped my eyes with my free hand then looked back down at the phone. Xavier smiled then shrugged. “Goddamn you’re beautiful.

“So are you.” I murmured.

“I don’t hold a candle to you. But thanks.

“So… Where are your hands now?” I tried to change my tone from sad to seductive, and I wasn’t sure how well I was succeeding.

“Holding on to the phone for dear life. Like you’ve become an electronic device. Like I need to protect it with my life.” He admitted, his sad eyes gave away more than his smile did.

I looked down and smiled, we couldn’t spend the call crying. Three weeks was going to be sheer torture if we tried. I shook my head then looked back up, refocusing my lust. “I’m not in the phone Xavier. I’m here, on my bed, and my free hand, isn’t holding the phone.

“Is that so?” I had his attention, his eyes twitched and came alive.

“Mmmhmm” I sighed, moving my hand down to the hem of my shirt, I pulled it up

“Bring your knees up. Rest the phone there. I want to watch you.” He murmured his breath was shallow and fast as he drank me in with his hungry hazel eyes.

I nodded and did as he asked. There was something forbidden about what we were doing, but I didn’t care. I lifted my shirt up over my head, and looked back at Xavier with a soft smile. “This is torture.” Xavier whispered through the earpiece. “Sweet hot, torture.

I smiled and brought myself up onto my elbows. My bra, as if I’d known earlier. was one that could unfasten from the front. I kept eye contact with Xavier as I slid it off too. I could hear his breathing change. I knew he was touching himself while I stripped and the knowledge of him doing something so illicit was a turn on, my body tingled with want.

“What I wouldn’t give to press my lips against your skin Scarlett.” He whispered, his heavy lidded eyes closed for a second, then opened and watched me with a darker intensity.

I turned my head to the side and kissed myself on the shoulder before returning my eyes to Xavier. “Like that?” I whispered.

He smiled, licking his lips for good measure. “Just like that.

I brought my hands up, over my breasts, tweaking the nipples tightly. I let myself fall into a place where I could imagine it was him. A moan escaped my mouth, spurring him to moan in reply.

“Touch yourself.” He managed to groan. “Pretend it’s me.

“Where?” I whispered, my voice hoarse.

“Where I would touch you. Where you need me to.

With a tiger’s instinct, I needed no further instruction, I lifted the phone up with my left hand and let my right trail down my stomach, over my hips and under the waistband of my pants.

The intense level of my arousal meant the minute my fingers brushed against my warmth I was on the brink of falling apart. The pleasure was almost too much to bear.

“Come for me babe.” He whispered. I opened my eyes, unaware when they had closed and looked at Xavier. He was close to climax, just like I was. I kept going, letting the familiar tension build. Until I could hold it no longer. I fell apart biting my lip to quieten the moans aching to escape my lips.

“Even thousands of miles apart our bodies are in sync.” Xavier whispered, his voice now spent. He looked relieved, but pained at the same time.

“That was different.” I whispered back. “Amazing, but different.

Xavier nodded. “God what I would do to kiss you right now.

“I wish you could.

“Three weeks. We’ll be together and I’ll kiss you every second I can.

I nodded and looked down. Tears were already beginning to line my eyes. I couldn’t wish the three weeks away fast enough. I struggled to understand why I hadn’t fought harder to put off my album release and promo tour. It hadn’t been an option, DJ had been very clear on that, he’d fought for me after all… But perhaps my own input might have changed things.

“You’re overthinking.” He said knowingly. “I like that I can see you. Your visual clues are as telling as ever.

“I just wish this was all different.

“Babe. Your career officially starts tomorrow. Your album is dropping. The buzz surrounding it is insane, and it’s your first record. You don’t even have an official single out. You’ve got the whole world in the palm of your hand, and you’ve barely scratched the surface.” Xavier spoke so genuinely that I knew he believed in me. “I know I was angry to begin with, but the truth is, I couldn’t be happier for you. You deserve this.

“You sure know how to make a girl feel good again, in more ways than one.” I replied with a smile, looking back up, looking back into his eyes. “I’d better sleep. I need to be up early for my flight to New York. Talk tomorrow?

“Sure thing, Sleep well. I love you”

“I know it’s the afternoon there… but you too, and Xavier… I love you too.

After we ended the call I fell asleep with the phone still attached to my hand. Our evening sexual adventure had exhausted me beyond the brink of possibility. It had been exactly what I needed.

Early the next morning Mom was banging on my door waking me with a shock. I vaguely remembered locking it. Fuck!

I sat up, still topless and grabbed my shirt from the ground.

“Scarlett you need to get up now! We need to leave in less than 15 minutes if you want to catch your flight!” She sounded worried, I felt guilty for sleeping in, and for locking her out, although she didn’t need to see what I’d left on display.

“I’m awake mom. Give me five minutes.” I grumbled sleepily.

I stood up and walked to my suitcase. I picked it up and grabbed the clothes from the very top. It wasn’t too cold in LA in winter, but I was on my way to NY so grabbed my jeans, a long sleeved sweater, Xavier’s leather jacket and my white scarf. I’d planned to shower, but that had flown out the window with the time that I’d lost. I dressed, clumsily and with little direction. Somehow I managed to pull myself together enough that I was able to leave the room dressed, and packed five minutes later as promised.

Mom shook her head as I walked into the kitchen.

“I told you to go to bed early.

“You did. Xavier called and well. We talked for a while.

Mom handed me a coffee in a to-go cup and pointed toward the door. “Dad is already getting the car warmed up. Shall we go?

I took the coffee and sipped it. Today my album was going to drop, and tomorrow I’d start promoting it. I was nervous about it, I guess being the opener for Going Nowhere had been a nice security blanket for me, but this was the big time.

I nodded and pulled on my suitcase. There was no turning back now. No denying my future.

It was coming for me. Whether I was ready or not.

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