Fraud Daddy is Worried because his Son is a Villain


9.47k words

6 chapters



Table of Contents


Lutes was paid to marry a very far distant relative who got pregnant without a husband.
After marriage, he left never to return again.
After so many years, the child knocks on his door and seeks refuge after all his relatives were no longer able to take care of him.
How can Lutes take care of a son he doesn't own or care?
He wanted to throw him out but where to send him?
Angrily, he took him in but never cared about him.
Years later that boy's real father will knock on his door to take him back.
Lutes would receive money for all his troubles.
But later the father will learn how he treated the boy and seek revenge.
Years later, the boy with a twisted personality and poor Lutes will meet again and Lutes will meet his end.

Then another soul transmigrated in Lutes's body.
And he will assume the role of a father.

Lutes will be a villain if he goes with his real father whether he treats him nicely or not?
Then he doesn't need to go!
Stay, stay, father will support you!



It's cute a story so far

2024/1/13 Reply

Why hasn't the book been updated till now Who's the author? Author can't you update the book? I really like it a lot 🥹😭

2023/10/17 Reply

Очень круто, мне нравится 😎 Жаль проды нет

2023/6/25 Reply

I love the story and the characters so far.💕

2022/8/5 Reply

The passerby

keep it up~q(≧▽≦q)

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