Chapter 4

“HELP ME! Oh, my gosh, I don’t want to die!” Sarah begged for the man that caught her hand. “I don’t want to die like this! I haven’t made the life of my bastard boyfriend miserable!

“Hold on, Miss!” the man said and pulled her up. “You’re so heavy…”

“It was your fault! You startled me!” she shouted and grasped on his hand tightly. “Come on, pull me!

After a few attempts, the man successfully pulled him off the bridge. Sarah plopped down on the ground, panting and full of sweats. She thought that was the end of her life. She thought she’d never been able to find the cure of the jinx, and that she’d never seen the man that is really meant for him… If that’s not Carlo. Why would she wanted it to be Carlo? She should start to erase in her life.

Sarah raked her fingers through her hair. If Ismael found about what happened tonight, that she attempted to kill herself just because she caught Carlo cheating on her, he’ll kill her. And, if Carlo found about it, his ego will surely grow bigger than his head. Sarah sighed, but she changed her mind, right? She changed her mind until this man in front of him came and shouted at her.

Holding her hammering chest, she looked up and glared at the man. “It was your fault!” she snarled and stood. “If you didn’t shout at me, I wouldn’t get startled and missed a step!

The man looked at her apologetically. Even he’s wearing a mask, Sarah can see in his eyes that he’s embarrassed by what he did. “I’m sorry, Miss. I thought you’re going to jump off the water,” he said and scratched the back of his head. “You were standing on the barricade and looking terrible—”

“But you shouldn’t shout at me!” she barked. “What if you didn’t get my hand? What if I fell on the water and died?!” she caught her head. “If I died and become a ghost, I won’t let you live a normal life. I will follow you wherever you go! Even on the toilet!

The man looked horrified with what she told him. “Please don’t do that. I’ve had enough bad spirits around me, and I don’t want to add another one!

Sarah couldn’t believe what she heard. “Bad spirit, huh? You think of me as a bad spirit?

“No, no, I’m not referring to you,” he said and looked past her. “I’m referring to the spirit of bad luck standing behind you.

“W-What?” Sarah felt chills on her nape. She brushed her shoulders and stood beside the man. “Can you see it?

The man nodded. “He’s a male bad spirit. I saw him standing beside you while you’re on the barrier, that’s why I called your attention to distract you.

Sarah narrowed her eyes. “I’ve already changed my mind and was about to step down when you came and startled me.

The man scratched the back of his head again, then looked at her. A moment later, his brows furrowed. “Are you also the woman that I bumped with a while ago?

Sarah knotted her forehead. “I don’t know…” she said. “Wait for a second, you said that you can see the bad spirit following me, can you also asked him if she’s the reason of the bad lucks that kept on happening on me?

The man looked on her side. “He said yes.

Sarah gasped. “My gosh, how will I shun him away?” she looked on her side but saw nothing. “Do you know somebody that could help me remove the spirit on my side? Because I’m so tired of all the bad things that happened to me!

“You need a shaman,” he said casually.

“S-Shaman?” Sarah repeated in a knotted forehead. “Where could I find a shaman? Is it free?

The man laughed. “Nothing is free today,” he said. “But I can give you a discount on one condition.

“What? Wait, are you a shaman?” Sarah asked in disbelief.

“Isn’t it obvious?” he asked in an arched brow. “I can see and talk to spirits,” he said casually then looked at around. “You see that guy walking alone? He wasn’t really alone because a female spirit is following her. Do you want me to call her?

Sarah scooted closely on the man’s right. “No! I believed you now,” she said as she brushed her shoulders. “So tell me how much is your fee?

Before he replied to her, the man removed her mask and smiled at her. “I’m Jino Yun, and I’m a shaman at your service.” He offered his hand for a handshake.

Sarah’s mouth fell open. She couldn’t believe that she’ll see this almost perfect man again. “W-wait for a minute…” She stepped forward to look at him closely. “You’re also the man that… that destroyed my phone?!

The man suddenly stepped back. “I’m sorry—”

“Sorry? What’s the use of your sorry? Do you know how much is the phone that you ruined? It caused seventy-five thousand!

“S-seventy-five thousand?” the man asked in furrowed brows. “Who’s in the right mind that will buy an expensive gadget?

Sarah’s patience is starting to lose. This man maybe looked like a prince charming sent to save her, but her android phone that worth almost a hundred thousand is much more critical. She spent all her salary just to buy it!

“You have to pay it to me—”

“What? I don’t have that much money,” the man said worriedly. “I have an idea, why don’t we make a deal?

Sarah knotted her forehead. “Deal? What kind of deal?

“I will help you shun the bad spirit beside you in exchange for your broken phone…” he said hopefully. “What do you think?

“Are you sure that you can do that? Shun the bad guy beside me?” Sarah asked, a bit hesitant.

“Yes, I can. It’s just easy, but takes a lot of time…” the man said.

“Easy that takes a lot of time?” Sarah smirked. “Are you kidding me?

“No, of course not,” he said and looked past her. “His energy looked weak… If you close our deal now, we can start on the process of pulling strings away from him.

Sarah thought about it for a second. Maybe this is the answer to her long time problem. “Okay, it’s a deal.

“Okay, then let’s go home.

“What? Where home? My home?

“Where do you want it to be? I need to be in the place where the spirit usually stays to study his or her movements,” he said matter-of-factly. “Why? Did you change your mind?

Sarah swallowed hard. She has to remove all of Carlo’s stuff in her apartment first. “Can we start tomorrow instead? My house is a mess right now,” and my ex might be there, she added in her mind.

The man looked at her. “Okay.” He took a small business card on his wallet and gave it to her. “Call me when you’re ready so we can start on the process.


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