Wickedly Sexy

Chapter 1

NURSE KRISTINE entered the nurse's station with haste and tapped Sarah’s shoulders.“Hey Sarah, are you busy?

From her clipboard, Sarah looked up at her colleague. “Not so, why?

“Can you fill in for me tonight?” she asked in a hopeful tone. “My boyfriend invited me to their family dinner. And guess what? He told me that he’s going to introduce me to his parents!

Sarah smiled. “Wow, congrats,” she said happily. “But I’m sorry, Kris. I can’t fill your duty tonight. I also have an important plan with my boyfriend.

The smile on Kristine’s face vanished. “Can you reschedule it tomorrow?” she asked and held her hand. “Please, Sarah?

Sarah pressed her lips together. “I’m sorry, Kris. Not now, I can’t—”

“How could you refuse me, Sarah?” Kristine’s voice suddenly raised. “I thought we’re friends? I always cover up for your late, and this is what I will get in return?

Sarah knotted her forehead. She couldn’t believe what she’s hearing from her colleague. “Wait, Kristine. As far as I know, I was the one that always covered your late arrival at work—”

“Shut up,” she said. “I don’t need your explanation. How could you become a nurse if you can’t give favors to your colleagues in need?

“What?” Sarah frowned. “Are you serious? You know what, Kristine, you’re just letting yourself be carried away by your emotions—”

“No, no,” she said, shaking her head. “You’re not a real friend. You’re fake!” she said and walked out of the nurse’s headquarters.

Sarah was left dumbfounded. She raked her fingers through her hair. “What happened to her?” she sighed. “Does she have anger management?

She picked up her pen and started analyzing her patient’s reports. She was on the last page when her phone rang. Her heart jumped immediately upon seeing Carlo’s name on the screen. She picked up on the second ring.

“Hey, honey,” Sarah said sweetly. “How are you? Have you eaten your lunch?

“Sarah, I can’t make it tonight,” Carlo said on the other without a hint of hesitation. “I’m sorry, I’ve got other plans. I hope you understand, honey…”

Sarah bit her lower lip before she spoke. “O-of course, I understand, honey. I’ll wait for you at home. I love you…”

“Okay, thank you,” Carlo said and dropped the call without responding to her ‘I love you’.

Sarah sighed. “He’s always busy…” She dropped her phone on the desk loudly. “I even had a misunderstanding with my friend just to set our dinner, but in the end, he’ll just cancel it.

Sarah and her boyfriend have been living under the same roof for four years. She was just a nursing student, and Carlo’s in his graduating year of Engineering course when they decided to live together. Because she’s used to living alone since her parents separated and did not take custody of her, living with a man she loves is what she yearned for.

Carlo was his boyfriend for almost eight years now, and Sarah is anticipating a wedding very soon. But since he started working in an architecture firm last year, he became busy and seldom make it home. Sarah understands it because she knew that being a licensed engineer requires a lot of time with your building team. But what she doesn’t know is that it also requires multiple overnights to the point that he didn’t go home for seven days straight.

“I miss you, Carlo…” Sarah murmured while staring at his picture on her phone’s wallpaper. “Did you miss me?

“He didn’t miss you.” Ismael, the only colleague that she considered her friend, entered the nurse headquarters with a pile of clipboards in his hand. “What did you do to lunatic Kristine? She’s in a terrible mood now.

Sarah made a ‘tss’ sound. “She asked me to fill in for her again,” she said irritably.

“And you refused?” He asked. And, when she nodded, Ismael laughed. “That’s good. She abused your kindness. Well, it was also your fault because you let her used you all the time.

Sarah waved her hand. “I don’t like the sound of the term that you used,” she said and sighed again. “But, my plans tonight are canceled. I will tell her that I’m available now.

“You will not do that, Sarah,” Ismael took the clipboard from her desk and checked it. “Finish your rounds as early as possible.

She took the clipboard from her. “Who are you to tell me what I’m going to do? Are you my daddy?

Ismael smirked. “I will be sugar daddy tonight.

Sarah pursed her lips. “That’s yuck,” she said and laughed. “I told you to not use that term anymore. If somebody heard you, they might think that we’re doing something.

“Doing something?” Ismael burst out laughing. “Let them think what they wanted to think. And, hello, we’re just on the same age, I couldn’t be your sugar daddy—”

“Shh!” Sarah put her finger on his lips. “Shut it, Ismael.

Ismael caught her hand, but instead of removing it on his lips, he kissed her knuckles. “Let’s have some beers and celebrate your 108th heartbreak from your boyfriend.

Sarah pulled her hand free from him. “I’m not heartbroken,” she said. “By the way, I changed my patient’s diaper earlier, and I haven’t disinfected my hand.

After her duty, Sarah decided to go home and changed clothes first before meeting with Ismael. On her way home, she sent a message to Carlo asking his permission if she could grab some beers with Ismael tonight. Carlo knew Ismael because they have met on her birthday last March, and Sarah can say that Carlo is okay with Ismael.

It took ten minutes before she received Carlo’s reply with a one-word response. Sarah heaved a sigh as she typed her answer, but she hesitated to hit the send button.

“Is he even reading my messages?” she asked herself. “Maybe not because he was so busy—Ouch!

Because of the impact, Sarah dropped her phone on the road. When she looked where it was, a car came fast and ran over her latest model of android phone, scattering its pieces on the road. Sarah couldn’t help but watch its pieces broken.

“I’m sorry, Miss…” A soft and cold male voice spoke behind her. “I-I didn’t see you.

Sarah drew her brows together and prepared her glare for the man that bumped with her. She propped her hand on her waist and turned to face him, but then, she paused and looked at him closely with a knotted forehead.

“I-It’s okay…” she said as he started to think if she’s looking at a main lead fictional character. Because this man is too handsome to be real!


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