Chapter 8: Hot Babysitter

"God! Karma! Stop running!" Aiden shouted and ran his hand in his hair and sighed in frustration. I laughed out loud and ran to where my brother was. Adam was talking with Hannah and they were laying on the sand with their back facing the sun. I ran and jumped on them, making both of them yelled in anger.

"What the fuck?" Adam sneered in anger and pushed me off him. I giggled and fell next to Hannah who was giggling along with me. "What did I say about ice cream, Aiden?" my brother huffed and Aiden walked to me.

"I never thought she'd be that annoying" Aiden said and took my hand in his before pulling me on my feet. I stuck my tongue out at him and glared at him. "Are you five?" he asked and just as I was about to run away again, he pulled me to him making me crash against his chest.

"Well man, she's your responsibility" Adam snickered and surprisingly, Aiden grinned at his words.

"I can look after myself!" I shouted and tried to run away again but his tight grip around my wrist stopped me from evading.

"I'm going to be the best babysitter ever" Aiden whispered and I narrowed my eyes at him.

"I'm not a baby!" I struggled but he pulled me even closer so the my back was pressed against his chest.

"Yeah sure. Let's ignore the fact that you just stuck your tongue at me" he said sarcastically and I couldn't help but chuckle.

"Yeah, let's ignore it" I agreed and he grinned.

"I want to swim!" Rebecca squealed and stood up. She took off her short and pulled my hand. "You need to get rid of those excess of energy! Let's go" she said and when we both realized that Aiden wasn't letting go of my arm, we turned to glare at him.

"She my responsibility" Aiden pointed out and I rolled my eyes.

"I want to swim" I said as I felt the excess of energy making me shiver lightly and I started fiddling on the spot as Aiden wouldn't let me go.

"You don't even know how to swim" John pointed out as he blocked the sun with his hand, to be able to look at us.

"You don't?" Aiden asked while tilting his head to the side in confusion and I shook my head. "Another reason why you should stay by my side. We don't want our little nerd to drown, right?" he asked teasingly but still, I could distinguish the seriousness behind his words.

"You know what, I'm going because the water is calling me!" Rebecca said with excitement and I groaned while crossing my arms. I wanted to go with her!

"I want to get in the water" I whined and Aiden chuckled at my reaction.

"Baby" he whispered and I ignored his word. I'm going in the water. I pulled my hand from his grasp and shimmied out of my shorts, leaving me with only my bikini on. I noticed Aiden gulping while his eyes raked my body. I did as if I didn't see and started making me way to the water. "Where are you going?" he asked stupidly and as I stepped in the water, I turned to give him a slight smile.

"To The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Wanna come?" I asked sarcastically. He nodded with enthusiasm and I stared at him in confusion. My confusion, was however dispelled when he picked me up in bridal style and started walking in the water. I couldn't help but yelp and wrap my arms around his neck.

"Hold on tight, babe" he said while chuckling at my frozen body. My face was buried in his chest as he kept on walking deeper in the sea. I shivered as the cold water touched my warm body. Goosebumps rose on my skin and again, Aiden chuckled. Did he just call me babe?

"Don't let go of me" I pleaded and I felt him stop moving.

"Don't you think that's a little romantic?" I heard his teasing voice and I groaned.

"You know what I meant, dickhead" I breathed and he slowly moved me so that my legs were now around his waist and my face was near his. My arms were still wrapped around his neck and he had his usual hot smile on.

"Not fancy to call the one who's preventing you from drowning a dickhead" he said and I blinked several times before registering what he said.

"If you let me die, my brother and my friends will kill you" I snapped and he throw his head back and laughed. I rolled my eyes but a smile still formed on my face at our idiotic conversation.

"I won't let you die. You're quite an entertainment" he commented and I rose my eyebrows at him in amusement.

"Entertainment?" I repeated and he nodded.

"Yeah. I mean you're like a mystery. Hours ago, you weren't even talking to me and now you're sticking on me as if we have glue between us" he joked and I grinned at his words.

"I just got used to you and I wouldn't let you spoil my holidays" I pointed out and he smiled. A genuine smile.

"Want to learn how to swim?" he suddenly asked and I thought for a few seconds before hesitantly accepted his request.

"But don't let me on my own" I said. "I've already experienced near death experience twice and I don't think the third time will be only an experience" I mumbled. He stared at me with wide eyes.

"Care to explain?" he asked and slowly released me but I tightened my legs around him. I could feel all the muscles of his body tightened as I pulled him closer, not wanting to be left in the water all alone. I did gave an effect on him.

"First time when by accident I let the gas open and thankfully, I was alone at home. I fainted on the stairs and woke up in the hospital" I explained and he stared at me in shock. "And the second time, I stole my father's car to go to a party and I didn't see a van coming in my way. Again, I fainted and fortunately there was no one hurt except me" I told him.

"You don't seem like one to party. But again, you may surprise me like you always do" he laughed and I nodded in agreement.

"I always go to parties with Rebecca and Hannah" I told him and he looked me while shaking his head.

"I never saw you at one" he pointed out.

"We go to college parties" I explained and he stared at me again with confused eyes. "Nobody would recognize me there" I said and he nodded when he realized what I was saying.

"Why not showing everyone who you are really?" he asked in interest and I shrugged.

"Got some problem in the past" I said and gave him a wink. "But that's a story for another time. Now show me how to swim" I playfully ordered, silently wishing that he would let go of this topic.

"I'm suppose to be your hot babysitter! My job isn't to teach you how to swim" he said with a smirk and I smirked back.

"Hot?" I questioned and scoffed.

"You really hurt my feelings, Red" he said with fake pained voice and I chuckled. I watched the supposedly bad boy pout and I instinctively reached for his cheek and pinched it.

"Red?" I asked and he nodded with a victorious smile plastered on his face.

"A nickname for you" he stated. "Because of your red hair and your red lips" he told me. His eyes were fixed on my lips. I felt his fingers tightened on my hips and I slightly shivered. I hated those feelings that I was getting with him.

"Weren't you suppose to swim instead to sticking together like this?" I heard John questioned teasingly from behind us. Aiden groaned slightly and I grinned at that. "Mind if I steal my best friend?" Johnathan asked but still pulled me away from Aiden who glared at him.

"Actually, yes" Aiden muttered and clenched his jaw as I wrapped my legs around John's waist. I rested my head on his shoulder and let him guide us to where Rebecca was.

"Aww, do you like me in your arms?" i asked teasingly and he smirked.

"Again, yes" he said without hesitant making my friends cooed. I buried my face in John's neck to prevent my friends from seeing my now red cheeks.

"Aww, are you blushing?" Aiden mocked me and I rose my face to glare at him.

"Shut up" I snapped and he chuckled and swam closer to where we were.

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