Chapter 5: Mauritius Island

"That party was simply awesome!" Rebecca gushed when we took our seat in the plane. David, Ace, Angel, John, Hannah, Rebecca, Adam and I were seated in the same row and we were all excited for our holidays.

"Yes, it was" David agreed. Adam was sitting next to Hannah. Rebecca was sitting next to a sexy guy but she was too busy reading a magazine to notice. Ace and Angel were next to each other and David and John were sitting next to each other. I turned my head to the seat next to me and silently prayed god that it was actually free and no one was going to sit next to me. As I was a bit tired from yesterday's party and today's packing, I rested my head on the seat and put on my earphones, letting the music burst in my ears.

"When life hurts too deep and left you broken, and the future you have hope for is now burning and the dreams you've made now lost their meaning" I sang the words with closed eyes. I really loved the song and it's meaning. I felt the seat dip next to me, making my humming instantly stop. I opened my eyes to see pitch black ones boring in mine. A squeal immediately left my mouth. Aiden Black smirked at my frozen expression.

"Hey man, what are you doing here?" Adam asked from behind me while I sank deeper in my seat.

"Going to Mauritius" He replied with his sexy and husky voice. Damn, he was sure a fine sight to humans eyes. His eyes were set on me and I tried to avoid them but mine fell on a dark spot on his neck. A hickey. I rolled my eyes and put on my earphones back. Typical player. I couldn't felt but feel intimidated when he was around me. I increased the volume, hoping that I would forget about the bad boy sitting next to me and with some chance, lower my heartbeats. God. I really hope our part will not cross.

Aiden's Point Of View

Seat 27.

I stared at the number marked on my paper and searched for my seat.




Here it is. I walked to it and my eyes nearly bulged out of their sockets when I saw those family red hair. What was Karma doing here? My eyes drifted to the seats behind me. I saw Adam and all their friends in the seats behind. John gave me a smile as I approached and the other guys seemed surprise. I could hear Karma humming a song and I could tell that she had an awesome voice. Not to mention that she was hot as hell. I stared at her red lips and absentmindedly licked mine. I sat in the seat and instantly, she stopped humming and turned to face me while pulling out her earphone. I gently leant closer and when she opened her eyes to look at me, she squealed in surprise and I smirked in response.

"Hey man,What are you doing here?" Adam asked and he was sitting next to the Mexican girl.

"Going to Mauritius" I answered. Wasn't it obvious? From the corner of my eye, I could see the nerd's eyes scrutinizing me. Then she rolled her eyes and put back her earphones on. I turned myself so that I was facing her and waited for her to react but she simply closed her eyes and ignored me. What the hell? First time a girl was ignoring me. I wasn't the type of guy to chase guys. Girls usually throw themselves at me and the fact that she was different intrigued me.

"What are you doing?" John asked from behind us and I shrugged.

"She doesn't talk?" Again, trying to get a reaction out of her. John turned his eyes to Karma and smiled.

"She does" he simply said and gave me a smirk. "She doesn't talk to everyone" He said and returned back to his conversation to David. Well, this was going to be a boring flight and when I turned to look at the nerd, I realized that her eyes were closed. What if she was as boring as this flight? I mean, she doesn't talk!

Karma's Point Of View

During the flight, I managed to ignore Aiden who didn't try to talk to me. Good. I felt a tap on my shoulder and I turned to see Aiden staring at me. I pulled out my earphone and waited for him to talk. "We're going to land" he said and I gave him a curt nod to which he rolled his eyes. I stuck my earphone in my pocket and waited for the plane to land.

Minutes later, we walked in the parking in search of Kelsey. She was supposed to take us from the airport. The heat was annoying me as I was wrapped in a scarp. I pulled it away from my neck and smiled when I saw a woman walking to us. "Hey, I'm Kelsey!" she greeted and hugged each one of us. She was a petit woman with short black hair and she was wearing a classy black dress. I noticed her keys in her hand. We introduced each one of us and she gave us a bright smile. Just as she was about to talk to me, her eyes bypassed us and a grin lit up her face. "Aiden" she shouted happily and walked to Aiden and gave him a hug. What the hell? She pulled Aiden to us and pushed him forward. I snickered when I saw Aiden scowling.

"Mom!" Aiden groaned and my eyes widened.

"Kids, that's my son, Aiden" she introduced.

Am I cursed?

"We're going to be neighbors for the next months" John snickered and I internally groaned. Aiden kept quiet and stared at us in surprise. I shrugged when Rebecca turned to look at me and her eyes drifted to Aiden.

"Come on kids" Mrs Kelsey said enthusiastically and walked to a mini van. We all put our suitcase in a van and walked to another van as there was not enough space. Rebecca sat next to me and behind us, there was Aiden and Adam.

"We have to enjoy those days!" Adam hollered and everyone nodded in agreement. Rebecca noticed that I didn't response to that.

"Listen" her voice was hard and stern. "I don't give a damn shit if The Aiden Black is sitting behind us and I don't give a shit if we'll be seeing his face nearly everyday, I just want you to open up and enjoy!" Rebecca said grimly. I slightly turned my head to look at a surprise looking Aiden and I shrugged.

"Talk Karma!" My brother shouted in frustration and I shrugged again.

"I didn't know I had that effect on you" Aiden added and I glared at my hands.

"See! He's going to think that you have a crush on him!" Rebecca said and I glared at her now.

"Of course she does" Aiden snickered and I rolled my eyes. I was tired with their talking. Thank god John and Hannah were in the other van! You know what? Fuck him.

"I don't have a crush on you. I never liked you. I don't like you and I never will. Get that in the empty head of yours" I snapped and Adam and Rebecca's mouths dropped open.

"I think I prefer when you didn't talk" he snapped back and Adam chuckled.

"That's why she rarely talked" Adam said.

"Every time she talks, it's just to insult someone" Rebecca snickered and I poked her in her ribs.

"I don't!" I contradicted.

"So I was having the silent treatment all this time?" Aiden suddenly questioned and I shrugged.

"I didn't want to talk to you" I said and Adam smirked.

"Everyone wants to talk with me" he said cockily and I stared as if he'd grown two heads.

"I don't" I retorted. The van suddenly stopped and the door opened. We got out and Kelsey gave us a smirk.

"That's your bungalow" she said and motioned to a huge bungalow. Adam's mouth dropped open and I could hear Hanna's squeal of excitement behind us.

"I love our parents" I said to Adam and he nodded. We walked to the door and slowly opened the door. The inside was even bigger. The living room was modern and it has a glass door which gave to garden and a swimming pool. The kitchen was simply amazing and I ran to see the rooms. The first room I stepped in was simply awesome and i jumped on the bed, instantly claiming it mine. There was a queen size bed and the balcony gave on the garden. I could see the swimming pool just below the balcony. All my friends were downstairs by the swimming pool and I decided to open the awesome holidays now. I stripped to my short and put in a bikini top. I walked to the balcony and stepped on the railing. I stared at the pale blue water beneath me and smiled before jumping in the water.

"oh my fucking god!" I heard Aiden swore as I resurfaced and stared at my friends with a triumphant smile plastered on my face.

"Are you nuts?" John questioned in bewilderment and I chuckled.

"It's high time to open up and fuck the world, don't you think?" I asked with a grin and watched as Aiden stared at me as if I was a great mystery to him.

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