Chapter 2: Strong, Sarcastic and sassy

"Karma Amington?" The teacher called out my name and I sighed. Teachers usually called me Victoria but this teacher actually hates me.

"Present, sir" I replied and tried to ignore the questioning looks that I was getting from the other students in my homeroom. They didn't know that my name is Karma. They only knew me as Victoria or Tori. Karma. I mean, come on! I don't even understand why my parents gave me that name. In fact, when I asked my mom, she said it sounded bad ass. Yes. She did say that. My father said that it was because I was going to make people regret their bad choices and act like Karma. Yeah, you can roll your eyes.

"Karma?" Stacy snickered. I was sitting in the middle of the class and she was, unfortunately, sitting behind me. I focused on my copy book which was in front of me to ignore her. Apparently, making my life a hell was her favorite part of school. Stacy Queen, is the queen bee of the school. Queen Bitch! I tried to avoid her every time so that I wouldn't have to deal with girls like her but again, unfortunately, my brother being the popular jock in school, it kinds of attract unwanted attention to me. "Your parents really named you Karma?" She asked with a scoff and again, I kept silent. Only one week left! I doodled on my paper and waited for the teacher to walk out of the class. I was usually known for being quiet and shy, which was not true. That's just what people think of me and I let them think whatever they want to. I'm pretty sure there were some who actually thought I'm mute.

"Victoria!" I heard someone call me. I turned to see Lily smiling at me. Lily was quiet but awesome girl. I smiled at her and waited for her to talk. "Did you do the last question?" she asked and I nodded. Here's another reason why I was called a nerd. I always did my homework.

"Of course she did" Stacy hissed and I took a deep breath. Normally she wasn't that annoying. Maybe it was because she wouldn't see me for the holidays? I ignored her again but apparently, Lily was annoyed with her.

"What's your problem with her?" Lily asked her and Stacy stared at her with wide eyes. I smiled at how she would defend me thinking that I was all weak.

"Did you just talk to me?" Stacy asked with disgust and looked at Lily as she was some shit. I wasn't going to let her get crush by the queen bitch because of me. I turned to glare at Stacy and gave her a sweet smile which was obviously sarcastic.

"Were the words that she used a bit difficult for you to understand?" I asked slowly as if she was a retard. I could hear gasps and what caught my attention was the low deep sexy chuckle coming from the back of the class. My eyes drifted to pitch black ones and I realized that the bad boy was staring at me in amusement. I gotta admit that Aiden Black was the definition of hotness. He had messy black hair and his eyes matched his hair. He had a perfect squared jaw face and he had a tough and intimidating aura always surrounding him. He had a tattoo on his muscled arm and I noticed the tight black shirt that he was wearing which, might I add was tracing his abs. I stopped looking at him when I heard a voice.

"You talked!" I heard a girl shouted from beside me making me roll my eyes. I didn't reply her and turned my attention to Stacy who still looked shock.

"Cat got your tongue?" Lily asked and I smiled. My cheeks turned bright red when I finally realized that I was getting all the attention. I quickly turned again so that I would be facing the board. I bite my lips and buried my face in my arm.

"The little nerd talked to me?" I heard Stacy asked from behind me. I internally groaned and decided not to talk again. I've already attracted unwanted attention. I sighed in relief when the teacher walked in the class.

During the whole class, Stacy would put on nasty comments on me and as usual, I would ignore her. I hated to let her feel superior than me. I knew that she wasn't but I simply had to stay quiet if I didn't want to get in trouble. I've never got a detention and I seriously don't want to get one for breaking a bitch's nose. My patience has it's limit but if you've reached it, then it would not be good to see. I normally have a quick temper. I tend to get angry quickly but at school, I prefer ignoring all the problems.

I walked to the cafeteria, my face facing the ground trying not to make eye contact with anyone. According to me, not looking at people meant that they weren't looking at you either. I know, it sounds sick but that kinds of help me. I mean, I've had one boyfriend and he was a sweetheart until he had to move to Australia. I may be a bit anti-social but that doesn't mean I can't have a boyfriend. We dated for one year and his name is James. We decided to stay friends as we both agreed that long distance relationship was not our thing. We still talk whenever we'd have time.

"Karma" I heard my voice as I reached our usual table. I smiled when I saw my friends already waiting for me. I sat next to Hannah and leant my head on her shoulder. I was feeling tired and I just wanted to sleep.

"What's up?" I asked them and they shrugged. John gave me a smirk and I stared at him questioningly. "What?" I asked while rolling my eyes. I hate when he'd smirk like that.

"Heard you say a few words to Stacy" he said and Rebecca choked her food. Again, I rolled my eyes.

"Yes. a few words!" I said and Hannah stared at me in confusion. I told them what happened and they nodded.

"Cool that you defended Lily" Rebecca said and I shrugged.

"She defended me first" I pointed out and Hannah sighed.

"If you showed your true self, no one would think that you need their help" She said and I nodded. Just as I was about to talk, I saw Adam walking towards our table. I smiled and I could feel Hannah stiffening next to me. Yes. She had a crush on my brother too.

"I'm so proud of you" he said and sat next to me after he ruffled my hair. I groaned and pushed his hand away. "That's how I want you to be. Defend yourself. Don't let them crush you" Adam said and I could hear Hannah sighed dreamily next to me.

"We have only four days left before holidays. If I stay quiet, I'll have no problem" I said and John groaned. Adam smirked at his action.

"Stacy is going to make these four days hell for you" Adam said and I gulped. She already made all these years hell.

"Karma, listen, you need to retort whenever she attacks you. You can't just stay quiet like this" John said and I sighed. I knew they were right.

"They call you a nerd because you keep quiet. You talk to no one except us" Rebecca pointed out and I shrugged. I don't really care what they think of me. "We all know that you're not what you're showing. We want people to see our strong, sarcastic and sassy best friends, far from this nerdy façade" She said and I took a deep breath. I untied my hair and let my red hair loose. Adam has messed my hair so I pulled it back in a neat bun while staring at me friends and my brother.

"What are you all expecting me to do?" I asked and Adam sighed in frustration next to me.

"Show the real Karma!" he exclaimed as if it was obvious. My friends are the only one allowed to call me Karma. I hate it when teachers would call me Karma.

"Okay. I'll try" I said and I watched as they cheered. John and Adam high five and before walking back to his table, where all jocks and cheerleaders sat, he winked at Hannah.

"David, Ace and Angel are coming along to Mauritius with us" Adam told me before walking away. David, Ace and Angel are my brother's best friends. They were amazing and we got along pretty well.

"He's prefect" Hannah breathed next to me and I rolled my eyes.

"You should tell him that you actually like him back" I told her and she smiled.

"Maybe in Mauritius I will" she said and I chuckled.

"You've got beautiful hair, why do you always tie it?" Rebecca asked and I shrugged.

"I don't know" I admitted.

"Untie your hair" she ordered and I shook my hair. "Do it" she said while glaring at me.

"Tomorrow" I said and stole some chips from John's tray.

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