Ella’s Revenge


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30 chapters



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This story is about Ella Brown, An aspiring chef who lost her father to an explosion. She thought things couldn't get any worse until her mother remarried. James Hemsworth, A wealthy businessman starts off as a friend and was there for both of them and even when her mother remarried him, He continued the facade of a loving husband and Father until he started abusing them. Ella was abused, tortured and she decided to take revenge against James for all the damage that he had caused and she made sure that no one or anything hindered her plans until she met Beck Stone Anderson and it was love at first sight. After a series of events occur, Secrets are unleashed and Ella found herself forgiving James but someone else was not having any of it and a lot of problem arises.

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•This book contains sensitive content such as self harm,abuse,alcohol,Violence.

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an enjoyable read, nice :)

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❤️ awesome Story

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Yes sure! ❤️

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