Elegant Demons


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Anna died...
And the case happened on the day of graduation.

Anna who was on the school's rooftop threw the oil that the school security brought to burn the trashes onto the class's president Emily's car.

As the oil dropped onto the car everyone backed away from it and it became a mess.

Emily and Emily's parents tried to go outside of the car but right at the moment Anna fell onto car causing the car to burn.

From this case, Anna, Emily, and Emily's parents died.

But there was some strange things about this case.

On the rooftop, there is a 2M tall railing, and there was no trace of her using something to climb it, but there was footprints left on the railing.

Was there an accomplice?


The school security who saw the Anna falling went up to the rooftop to check but he saw no one else.

Which means that there was no accomplice.

But it's impossible for her to climb it up by herself so the police made a conclusion that the accomplice ran away before they came.

Weirdly, no one is the class was wil

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rajendra bima

I enjoyed your story! I hope you can keep writing and I will try to wait for your new updates later on. :))

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Rury Tim

Hello, I’m a scout for an editorial community, currently looking for author to publish with us. Your work caught my interest, so I’d love to invite you. If you’re interested, please let me know. I’d love to have further discussion with you. I look forward hearing from you. Have a great day.

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I think your story will be very interesting. Can’t wait to read more chapters! I definitely enjoyed my reading time. May I know your social media or email? I want to follow you there!

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