Months before... 

"Come on Lea, it's James' birthday we are going to celebrate it now no matter what, we're not here as an employee! thanks to our boss for giving us a day off.

I sigh… Ellie was right but what I was worried about was, what if my grandparents would find out that I haven't had to go to work today? they would certainly get furious, And they would punish me again. But my sanity pulled me out into my deep train of thought and all of my worries disappeared when I saw an interesting guy inside of the bar.

It is odd, for me because for almost two years of being a worker inside of the bar, and every time that my co-worker called me to stop for a moment from my job because they want me to saw a guy that they think was hot, but once I took a glance of a guy for me, they all not worthy of my time. But now…  

I was staring at the most darker shade blue hue pair of eyes that mostly when the light of the club hit it, It's illuminated most, but why does it abruptly alter into the red? I'm I seeing things? But however the prettiest eyes of a guy that I saw in my entire life. It's like being sleepy and somewhat has violence on it. Looks Mischievous, nasty but twisted of confidence and boastfulness. His hair is messy and I guess he doesn't know what comb is? But I don't mind, cause it suits him perfectly. He has long eyelashes and thick eyebrows. Pointed nose and his lips' goodness you can say made of perfection. Why does God give all good things to one person? when there where someone couldn't even have even one of that guy possessed.

But I'm frightened looking at his closed mouth. It seems so angry. 
I don't know him but still, he acts like I'm his girl.
Yes, I feel slightly tingling inside of me who's girls wouldn't feel that? if some gorgeous man with a brute image rescues you? Right?  I bet behind that black leather jacket he has luscious abs there. Wait, why did I sound praising him? Who was he, by the way? 
And why Did he want me to come with him?
What now?
Exchange for helping me? 

How dare him! 
So that's why I kicked him right there where the sun would not rise again for him after I did it.
What does he think of me? a whore

I immediately walk inside the bar where my friends practically give me to that guy. How dare them! 
Just because he's handsome and good looking?
What if he's a rapist or murderer or a vampire... Ok ok, I'm so exaggerated now. 
But they abandon me!
For Pete's sake! Have they known that I don't even know that guy! 

“Is it Razel James Benevento?
Girl? Who fought earlier? I thought the guy was a good boy? 
I remember that you had a crush on him when we were in senior year?

“Hahaha... Yes, that was Razel, My Razel James Benevento the best boy in town. Maybe he got peeved and pissed off at that drunk guy so he lost his patience as a good boy.
Hahaha, maybe the cute girl is his girlfriend so he protects her” 

“Stop it Razel has no girlfriend.
Like I said my baby only lost his patience and because he is too kind. And he saw that the drunk boy was acting so pervy to the girl. He just protected the girl understand” 

"I don't know, girl...

"Stop thinking ok.

I heard the two girls talking about that boy who saved me as I looked over to my friend, So Razel James Benevento huh? the good boy. I'm going to search for him on my Facebook account using my old phone. 


In the middle of the fight and war between the most powerful supernatural creations of God in the other dimension, two twin vampire brothers were crying because they have been separated, the other one is held by the father, and the other one is held by the mother.

They were separated because of the war, the other one being successful across into the other dimension while the other one was trapped for almost how many years.

But after so many decades of trying the other one successfully across the dimension and now he is looking for his father and a twin brother who was somewhere in the human world.

TROY LANCE has been looking for his twin brother TRAVIS RAZEL for almost how many years now but still, even a single clue of them is nothing to be found. But I never give up…

Well maybe because we have been separated for almost how many decades now. Maybe his father thinks that he and his mother are already dead. Whatever was the reason he knows someday they will be reunited.

It's nearly twilight when I decide to park my motorcycle at one of the most prestigious bars that I have seen so far. I sit in front of the bartender so I can order a drink. 
The floor was burning up just right, the people were laughing and jumping on the dance floor and even the DJ was jovially jumping while his hands were in the air and as a vampire who has powerful hearing, it's a bit annoying.
But still, this place is perfect for looking for food. And who knows there is someone who knows my brother here, And the more I stay the more the people increase. And the more people increase the more the girls come to me, offering themselves. TSS' did they know that offering themselves to me, means drinking their blood? They touch me all over my body. I just smirking while there are flirting 

“babe, let's have a drink first,” I said and I mean literally drink from them. I shook my head for the thought inside of my mind. I show them my sexy smile and I receive giggles from them.  
But suddenly a girl walked in as if everybody stopped moving and dancing and in my eyes, she looked like slowly walking.

A girl was arriving together with her friends. She's wearing a modest dress and she doesn't look like the girl that environ me. But why does she smell so good in my nose trail? I can't take off my eyes on her. I can't resist her beauty and smell. It's like an addiction.
She looked like she was thinking of something and she wasn't paying attention to her friends.
I was so fond of her naive expression. 

The girl sat together with her friends. Wait? Why do I feel like this? I can't believe that I'm staring at her. Did I consume too much wine already? She's the only one I can see into the sea of people? 

What is fucking going on? I wouldn't know that I could be drunk? I just came just a few hours ago. So it's impossible, not in a million ways that I got drunk by just only a few glasses of drinks.

I think that I need to wash my face? I walk to the restroom and stay there for a while to cool down. and when I  think that I'm a bit ok now. I walk out of there. I walk right to the dance floor to get back to my senses. 
And like usually a lot of girls were all around me.
they are seductively saying that I want you, baby. They are yanking me and whispering in my place or your tss. If I wouldn't see that girl I maybe brought one of the girls somewhere silent but I won't feeling starving now I feel more I want to fuck the innocent girl.

fuck this, what is happening to me? It's like   I was attracted to a teenage boy who doesn't control his libido.

I was about to answer one of the girls when I noticed in my peripheral vision the girl, again. The one I was glancing at earlier. She's fighting with some random guy. Where are her friends? Why is she all alone? I want to ignore her but she's too irresistible.

My vampire blood unexpectedly boiled when I saw the man squeeze her butt. Why was she all alone? She's not even suited here, she looks too naive. 

I gradually step closer to them. And I heed ... 
“Stop pestering me, I'm not going to come with you!
go to hell alone if you want to!” 

I smile, that's my girl… I murmur 

But I guess the guy hasn't heard what she said since her voice was too sweet. I immediately interrupted by grabbing his wrist. I twisted it, as I remember how he concupiscent squeezed the naive lass.
I grinned and said...

you'll be in great danger if you touch her again. I look at the drunk man dangerously.

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