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Here is the sneak peek of Chapter 2 

Chapter 2 一 RYLAN 


Ignoring the vampire's thirst from the incomplete hunt, I get out of my clothes, change into my favorite black night robe, and flop down the bed, but careful not to break the wooden thing with my strength. With the back of my wrist covering my eyes, I try to calm myself down by recalling all the good times Thomas and I have spent together. I need to do this before I change my mind and head back to kill him.

I have no idea how long my pretended sleep takes, but once I uncover my eyes and look to the window, there is a change of color in the sky.

A tint of orange shines through the drawn curtain of my glass window, filling the room with the shade of the setting sun. Though it is one beautiful sight, I don't have time to admire it. My thirst is getting worse. My throat is dry and itchy.

I should hunt.

An unexpected sound reverberates from downstairs faintly, drawing my attention and making me sit bolt upright on my bed. I perk my ears, putting my keen hearing ability into use and trying to listen again if I misheard it.

But I was not. 

There really is a sound coming from my front door. 

"Impossible," I mutter to myself. I get off the bed and hurry to seek the source of the noise using my vampire stride. I only reach the middle of the stairs when my legs can't proceed any longer, for what I am seeing is not what I am believing.

My front door is opened, revealing a sizable portion of tint orange from the sunset to the house's inside. And there, at the step of my stairs, a petite, young being in silky black hair looks up at me with a smile that is more beautiful than the sunset itself.

"I'm sorry for barging in, but it seems your door is unlocked. I get lost from my friends during hiking, and my phone is out of battery. I have no way to communicate with them. Would you mind lending me your phone?"

I gawk at the beautiful little thing down there, for I do not know what kind of creature she belongs to. Taking my silence as anger, the figure hurries to rectify the action by making a self-introduction.

"Please forgive my rudeness. I forgot to introduce who I am," the figure bows her head and still maintains the smile when lifting her face to look at me again.

"My name is Gracie Kim. Please, I need your help."