Author Pov.

"Because I love you, Damon."

As soon as her whisper fell on his ears he wouldn't help but claim her lips in a desperate kiss.

Luciana stepped back because of the force of his kiss but before she could move more he grabbed her waist pulling her to his chest.

But he didn't stop there and picked her up by her waist. Luciana was surprised by her actions when she wrapped her arms around his neck and legs around his torso.

She let him overpower her body and let herself to melt away in his arms.

Damon didn't stop and walked inside the room locking the balcony door and approaching the bed.

He gently laid her down before placing his one knee on the bed without breaking the kiss. Their lips moved in sync as the pace of the kiss became softer.

After a proper time of ravishing her lips, he broke the kiss placing his forehead on hers breathing heavily.

"Say that again." He breathed out making her open her eyes.

"I love you, Damon." She whispered without any hesitation making him groan in satisfaction.

His lips travelled from her cheeks to her jaw placing soft sensual kisses all over making her shudder at his touch.

"Again." He mumbled attaching his lips on her earlobe leaving a gentle bite on it.

"I love you." She let out within her heavy breathing.

As much as she let out those words they hit on Damon's heart. He groaned in pleasure when he heard a sweet moan from her lips.

His lips met with her neck as they started kissing and sucking her soft skin leaving his marks behind.

He kept on ravishing his beautiful wife and asking her to repeat those words he waited to hear for so long.

She obeyed his every demand without another word flaring up his insides at how submissively she was letting him empower her.

He worshipped her body and kept on exclaiming how beautiful she is and how lucky he is to have her.

He kissed every inch of her body giving her as much as pleasure he could and it was enough for him to feel pleasure watching her shuddering at his touch.

Her sweaty and trembling body under him, her beautiful melody like moans, her telling him that she loves him again and again, her swollen lips because of his assault was giving him equal pleasure.

Soon their bare bodies came in contact and he once again pulled her in a passionate kiss.

"I Love You Too My Princess."

He whispered near her lips before fully connecting their bodies earning a scream of his name from her lips.

He once again claimed her body but this time it wasn't just a need. It was love. They made love and he proved it with his actions.

He loved worshipping her body while hearing her confessing her love for him and she loved every bit of his touch.

The love he showered through his actions was enough for her to know she made the right decision by giving her heart to this man.

He made sure to give her an unexplainable ecstasy by loving every inch of her with his actions.

Soon the room filled with his groans, her screams and moans of pleasure and their act of making love with his aggressive actions of claiming her as his.

That night he didn't control his desires. He took her in every way possible. He went on rounds continuously and what left him to have her crazily was her continuous consent.

She let him have her clearly showing how much she wants him as well. They made love and let each other to melt away in each other's embrace.

Damon's lips were curved into a smile and eyes were shining in happiness watching his princess sleeping beside him.

They both were still naked under the blanket but his eyes were stuck on her beautiful face. She was sleeping peacefully and after so many days this was the first time when she had no nightmare.

His one hand was under his cheek and elbow was resting on his pillow while his other hand was playing with her hair.

The pleasure and love he felt last night was beyond his imagination. He couldn't help but chuckle at how he was expecting to spend last night alone in his darkness.

But the light in shape of his wife brighten up his darkest night letting him believe that indeed miracles come true.

Yes, he hoped for her to not leave him but he wasn't expecting her to hear his heart's agony. But what left him stunned was her confession.

He never thought that he succeeded. He finally succeeded in gaining her heart. Her love.

She finally fluttered open her eyes before turning her head to him who smiled at her happily. Her lips instantly curved into a small smile.

She turned her bare body in his direction and hugged him burying her face in his chest making him to instantly wrap his arms around her as well.

"Princess, if you didn't leave me then why your wardrobe side is empty." He questioned her playing with her dark locks.

"I gave them away for charity through Maxwell. I didn't want anything which reminds us of our past. Most of the clothes remind me of my father, Jack and our first days together."

Damon sighed as once again guilt flooded in his veins remembering the days he tortured her. But then an idea popped up in his mind.

"Then let's move out." She looked up at him with a frown.

"What do you mean." She asked pulling away from his chest and looking in his eyes.

"Like you said let's forget our pasts. So let's move out of this house. This house is the same place where I tormented you for nothing."

She smiled at him before nodding her head. They laid there in each other's embrace for a quality time.

Like Damon said they both changed the house and shifted in a house near Liliana and Ryans.

Days kept on passing and Liliana soon gave birth to a beautiful boy. Damon and Luciana didn't rush the things and enjoyed their newly started life.

As time kept on passing Damon's love for Luciana also kept on increasing. Even after her trying her best but the possessiveness he has for her was still there.

He becomes jealous easily and in this condition of his, Luciana has to face either his sulking face or his aggressiveness.

Last time he even kissed her in public just because one guy smiled at her. But Damon being Damon became jealous right away and just to show that she's his he kissed the hell out of her.

"Come here you fucker and let me tell you who's gonna date you," Damon growled at the boy who was hiding behind his friend while crying holding his face on which Damon gave him a good punch.

"Please Damon control he didn't know I am married. Please relax." Luciana said back hugging the raging beast.

They came out for dinner but one guy asked Luciana out and that was just a last string of her husband's control.

Finally, with her whole strength, she pulled him out of the restaurant and they both reached the beach.

"Please Damon it wasn't my fault that he propose me. I didn't even once look at him." Now she was facing her sulking husband who refused to talk to her.

He knew it wasn't her fault but he was angry that she didn't let him beat the shit out of that bastard who dared to propose her.

"Damon~" She whined at how he kept on looking at the sea and completely ignoring her.

He always enjoyed how she tries to convince him. He wasn't angry at her but just finds fun in teasing her.

"But tell me what's my fault." He finally turned to her and blankly looked at her.

"Why are you this much beautiful. This is your fault." She looked at him dumbfounded.

"Let's go I am tired." He said coldly and was about to walk away but she grabbed his arm and turned him around.

She pulled him down to her level by his collar and placed her lips on his which instantly broke his teasing facade.

He responded instantly by wrapping his arms around her kissing her back roughly.

"You know how to win don't you." He whispered pulling away. They breathed out heavily.

"I want to tell you something, Damon." He hummed hugging her waist and pulling her to his chest.

"Damon. I-I am pregnant." He once again hummed in response but then the realization hit him as he shot his eyes open and pulled her away from the hug.

"W-What. Y-Your. I am. We are going to have a baby." He whispered with wide eyes while she nodded at him. His eyes fell on her stomach.

"I am going to be a father." He whispered in disbelief.

"Yes, Damon." She smiled replying him back.

"Oh my God." He exclaimed before picking her up and spinning her around happily.

He smiled widely and Luciana giggled hugging his neck. Putting her down he kissed her whole face while mumbling.

"Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much." He mumbled pecking her lips again and again while Luciana only laughed at his actions.

Finally controlling his excitement he placed his forehead on hers hugging her body.

"I love you so much Baby I promise I will give you and my child every kind of happiness." She smiled at his words and kiss his cheek.

"I know Damon you will be a great father. I love you too."

They both smiled happily before enjoying the moment with each other. That was the moment he knew indeed miracles happen. Like.

How her innocence won against his demons and turned her.

From Damon's Possession to Damon's one and only Love

His demons made her his possession but his love won against them and turned her to his queen. The queen who rules on his heart.



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