Luciana Pov

I was preparing for lunch because Damon said he will be having lunch with Dr. Ken and Ryan. I was excited because Liliana will come too. I made her favourite dish too.

But this man beside me makes me annoyed the most. He was left by Damon here saying that he's my bodyguard and I need protection.

He was having a blank face just like he had every day. He just always stands near me and kept his blank gaze on me. I sighed ignoring him and starting to make something sweet.

Liliana can't live without something sweet after anything savoury. Even if it's in breakfast. Lunch or dinner. After preparing the batter for the cake I slid it in the oven and left it to bake. After sometime it was done so I left it on the shelf to be cold.

I was about to go towards the washing sink to wash the dirty dishes but instead took a step back in fear hearing a loud gunshot coming from outside.

My bodyguard instantly stood in front of me pulling his gun out. He shielded me while making me move a little. My body started to tremble a little in fear.

"Relax mam. Just follow my lead." I nodded at his whisper and followed whatever he said. He carefully moved me towards the basement and then pushed in one of the small room.

"Fuck." He cursed under his breath when we heard footsteps roaming all over the house. My heartbeat was drumming in my chest.

"Here. Take this and call Mr. Knight. Tell him that someone is attacking us and we need help urgently. I have to keep them away from you." He said giving me his phone as I had no phone. I never had I don't even know how to use it.

I grabbed his wrist and stared at him sadly." You don't have to go. Stay here and Damon will come." He shook his head and for the first time, he smiled a little at me.

"I have vowed to protect you, Mrs. Knight. Even if I have to give up on my life." With that he pushed me inside and slammed the door shut. I even heard a door locking sound.

Immediately I started the phone and was relieved that he already opened Damon's contact number. I clicked on the number and smiled when it started ringing. After only three rings Damon picked up the call but before that, I felt tears dripping down my eyes when I heard countless gunshots. Please God keep him safe.

"Hello, Sean. What happened." I heard his curious voice.

"H-Hello Damon. It's me, Luciana." I finally told him with my heavy breathing.

"What happened princess why are you breathing so heavily." His curious tone turned into worried one. Finally gaining my strength I told him.

"Damon. Someone has broken into the house. He even shot your man. Please help m---- Ahhh."

A scream left from my lips making the phone fell on the floor when I heard a loud gunshot on the door. Within a second door got slammed open revealing a well-built man whose face was covered with a mask.

I instantly grabbed the phone from the floor and realized that call got cut. I tried running away from him but the room was too small. And on the door, that man was standing.

I heard a sinister chuckle making me look at him through my blurry gaze. I knew I don't have another option so I tried running past him but instantly got slammed against a hard wall.

He grabbed her waist and slammed me on the wall making me cry out in pain. I slammed the phone on his head making him groan a little but instead of leaving me. My attack had only a slight effect on him from which he recovered instantly.

Grabbing the phone he roughly threw it against another wall crushing it into pieces. My body was still tightly attached to the wall while his body was pressing against me.

Author Pov

"Enough of playing my Lucy. Now it's time for you to come to your real owner." Saying that he slammed the back of the gun on her head making her unconscious.

Throwing her over his shoulder he walked out of the basement hissing at the wound on his head gifted by the girl on his shoulder.

Settling her in the passenger seat. He tied up her hands and then started the car. He was lucky to leave early because within 5 minutes Ryan and Maxwell also reached the mansion.

They both left stunned to see Sean's bloody body. Maxwell instantly checked his pulse and sighed in relief "He's alive let's take him to the hospital faster."

They both took him to the hospital while Ken and Damon also arrived at the mansion. Everything was destroyed. There were three dead bodies of the men laying on the floor which Sean killed while fighting.

Without another thought, he ran towards the basement room. He asked Sean to hide Luciana in that room if anything happened. But after reaching the room he found nothing except a broken phone.

But then felt his chest tightening witnessing few blood drops on the floor. His heartbeat started accelerating thinking what if it's Luciana's.

Screaming out he punched the wall continuously before he was pulled back by Ken.

"Get your senses back Damon." He said raising his voice a little.

"How can I. HOW CAN I BE IN MY SENSES WHEN I FAILED TO PROTECT MY WIFE. HOW." He yelled in frustration while Ken patted his back.

"Nothing will happen to your Luciana. Nothing. We will find her. Just relax." He said patting his shoulder. Soon their attention went to the man who entered the room

"Sir. Jim Miller is also missing." Damon snapped his head towards his man in shock. Ken and Damon both looked at each other realizing that he took Luciana's father as well.

"You didn't kill that old hag yet," Ken questioned Damon who shook his head in denial.

"No. I wanted to torture him to death. I wanted him to beg me to kill him. And eventually, he had already begged me a lot of times to kill him but I still wanted him to pay for what he did to my brother. To my wife and Liliana."

Ken sighed looking away. He also wanted to see that man's dead body but again why would that man take him. What that old bastard had done to him now.

"Don't worry Damon we will find the location and will save your wife relax." Damon finally nodded his head wishing to find his wife as fast as possible.


"Ugh." Luciana finally opened her eyes and met with a fancy ceiling and bright room. She let out a small groan because of the stinging pain in her head.

She found her head wrapped in a bandage. Sitting up on the bed she finally cleared her blurry sight and was left frozen in her spot witnessing the horrifying view in front of her.

Her pictures. Every wall was filled with her pictures.

She felt tears filling her shocked eyes witnessing her numerous pictures which were showing in a big screen attached to the full wall.

Standing up from the bed she walked towards the screen while eyeing every wall that was full of her pictures. She couldn't believe that there was always someone who was keeping an eye on her all the time.

There were few pictures of her even after being in Damon's house. Now she understood that when she used to feel like being watched wasn't a hallucination.

It was true. She was being watched. Her every movement was being watched by some psycho.

She was frozen in her place. She was so much in shock that she didn't even notice someone entering the room. Her gaze was fixed on the wall screen showing her pictures.

Her body stiffens, even more, when two bulky arms wrapped around her tiny waist pulling her against a hard chest. She felt a chin on her shoulder.

"Finally your here my love. Finally, my wait is over." He said inhaling her scent in satisfaction. His voice somehow seems familiar to her.

Pulling her body away from him she turned around taking a step back from him but end up gasping.

"You. You're the same man from the party." Liam chuckled nodding his head finding her shocked expressions so adorable.

"What a pity. You still didn't recognize me. Come on Lucy. It's not that hard." He said now smiling at her. She looked at him confused. But then pulling his wrist up he showed her a worn-out handmade bracelet.

Her eyes instantly widened when she saw the familiar bracelet on his wrist making his smile widen when he read her expressions. Her teary eyes turned more glossy realizing that who that man was.


People say forget the past and move on with your life but what if your past refused to let you move on with your present.


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