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Luciana steadily opened her eyes and let out a yawn snuggling her head more to something hard but she still felt so warm that she couldn't help but to held that warmth closer.

Her eyes met a bare chest which was steadily going up and down. She pulled her head up a little and then realized that she was laying on her husband's bare chest.

She was laying on him as he was laying on the sofa. She stared at his peaceful sleeping face for some time finally realizing how handsome her husband is.

He has a cute face but with a manly bulky body. The tattoos on his body give him a scary look. His skin tone is tanned while hers is pale. She unconsciously touched his light beard.

She never before noticed how handsome and attractive he is but now she couldn't help but to admire him. But again his visuals wasn't enough for her to fall in love with him. She still somewhat was scared of him.

His treatment that he gave her in the starting of their marriage was unforgettable for her. No matter how much she tries it's just not easy for her to forget everything and just start feeling things for him.

She knew he has changed. And he's trying to change as much as he can for her. But she still needs a little time to assure herself that giving him a chance isn't a bad option.

She moved away from his chest and carefully tried to stand up without waking him up. But unfortunately, he again pulled her against his chest snapping his eyes open.

She gulped at his hard gaze. "Where do you think you're going wifey." He questioned her with his sleepy raspy voice.

"I-I Uhmm was going to bathroom." She replied to him stuttering as she was too much nervous witnessing his hard gaze.

He didn't say anything just stared at her for some quality time. He was indeed admiring his wife and wanted to smile widely at how nervous she was looking.

But the thought of her still being scared of him sadden his heart. She let out a loud gasp when he picked her up and changed their positions. The sofa was indeed big enough for him to make her lay under him.

He was above her in a second making her eyes widened in shock. She wasn't expecting this. But then seeing his soft gaze her heart started hammering in her chest.

He palmed her cheek caressing it with his thumb. "Don't be afraid of me love. I would never hurt you. Ever again."

His words were full of love and softness fastening her heartbeat. She gulped a little when he leaned down to her face. His gaze travelled to her lips and got stuck there.

She knew what he was going to do and instead of doing something she felt her body being frozen on the spot. His lips were about to touch hers but then.

"HEY BRO I was--- "

"Ughh. What the hell." Hearing Ryan's voice Luciana in panic pushed Damon off her body making him fell on the floor.

He cursed out loudly feeling his back hitting the floor hard. Ryan was frozen in his place realizing that he came on the wrong time. But he had no idea that both Luciana and Damon has consummate their marriage.

"The fuck. Who enters a couple's room like this." Damon sneered at Ryan who was staring at him with wide eyes.

"I-I am sorry I thought you both didn't I am so sorry." He instantly tried to explain himself to avoid Damon's anger.

Luciana felt her face and neck heating up. She felt her body on fire feeling so embarrassed. She instantly jumped off the sofa and started walking towards the washroom but then again got stiffen hearing Ryan's next sentence.

"But wait. It means my big bro finally lost his virginity. Oh my, Damon you finally grew up." He exclaimed wiping a fake tear away.

Damon's felt like digging himself alive. He closed his eyes in frustration while Luciana was still standing there with wide eyes and parted lips.

Ryan looked at his brother and then at his sister in law and then realized "Shit. So she didn't know that. Oh haha bye."

With that, he ran outside while Damon cursed at him following him so he could give him a proper piece of mind.

Luciana stared at the door of the room from where both brothers ran away.

"So it was his first time too." It was so hard for her to accept or to even think that so ruthless mafia can hold back his desires and didn't for once touch another woman.

Without realising a small smile appeared on her lips feeling so happy and special. The man who resisted the temptation of so many women was crazily wanted to have her. Only her.

Because like he said. For him. She's the only one. His love. His princess. His queen.

Her smile widened even more while entering the bathroom happily.


"Damon are you sure. Because this plan is seriously too much dangerous."

Ryan said while Ken and Maxwell nodded their heads in affirmation.

"I agree with him. If it's Liam Black. The stepbrother of Jack who wanted your wife then it wouldn't be easy to protect Luciana."

Ken said while Damon glared at the gun in his hand. "I don't care how hard it will be. But I wouldn't let anyone touch my princess. She's mine and finally, I started to gain her trust and now I can't lose her. I just can't."

"Fine then Dk we have to protect your wife. For that one of us needs to be with her every second and minute. We can't leave her alone even in your house we cant. No place is safe for her till we get Liam black."

Damon nodded at Maxwell's suggestion. Ryan stood up from the seat. "Then today let me be her bodyguard. Moreover, Liliana also wanted to meet her. They can spend time together and I will simply keep an eye on them."

They all agreed at Ryan's offer and after planning the whole matter. Ryan was about to go but then stopped when Damon's phone started ringing and he found a name of one his guard as caller's Id who he left for Luciana's protection.

"Hello, Sean. What happened."

"D-Damon. It's me, Luciana." His breathing ragged when he heard his wife's scared and feared voice. Her voice seemed to be trembling and breathing was heavy.

"Luciana what happened. Why are you breathing like this." He questioned in panic earning everyone's attention in the room.

"Damon please help us. Someone broke into the house and he even shot your man. Please help m---- Ahhh"

"Luciana LUCIANA HELLO HELLO." The call got cut and the last thing he heard was his wife's horrified scream and a loud gunshot.

Damon started breathing heavily. He fell on the sofa while Ryan and Maxwell ran outside to reach Damon's mansion.

"What happened Damon," Ken questioned him with his worried tone.

"He got her."

The time her heart did a ring for him someone decided to cut the signal.

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