Author Pov

Damon and Maxwell reached the hospital and without caring about anything Damon ran inside his brother's room breathing heavily.

His lips curved into a small smile seeing his brother sitting on the bed. Ryan looked at his brother with teary and joyful eyes.

Without thinking about anything Damon ran towards him embracing his brother in a tight hug which Ryan replied with the same intensity. Ryan let few tears out of his eyes while Damon instantly wiped the tear away which escaped his eye.

Pulling away Damon's eyes roamed all over Ryan's body checking if he's alright or not earning an amused chuckle from him.

Ryan: Relax bro I am fine.

Damon sighed in relief before shooting him a death glare.

Damon: Why didn't you tell me what that old hag was trying to do with you and your girlfriend.

Ryan looked down feeling guilty for not asking Damon's help. He knew Damon could have solved this matter of Mr. Miller a long time ago but only if he had told him everything.

Ryan: I didn't want to trouble you. You already had many other matters to deal with so---

Damon: So you decided to be a superhero without any superpowers ready to fight that cheater. Asshole and a pure manipulator alone. Huh

Damon interrupted Ryan making him sighed in remorse.

Ryan: Sorry brother I didn't know he will go to this extent. But how did you came to know about everything?

Ryan questioned him with a frown. Damon gulped heavily not wanting to tell him about Luciana. And all those disgusting things he had done to her.

Damon: There are many things I have to tell you but first you need to rest. Take a rest because the doctor has said you can go home after two days.

Ryan smiled at Damon not really sure about what Damon was hiding from him. Soon his mind clicked and he instantly snapped his head towards Damon.

Ryan: Lily. How's she. Where is she? Jim Miller didn't hurt her right.

Damon: Relax bro. She's perfect. Jim Miller lied to her that your dead and forcefully sent her to New York for some business work.

Damon chuckled replying him earning a sigh of relief from him. Damon now understood why Ryan always seems to worried about Liliana. Why he never got tired talking about her.

Because this is what we call love.

In love, a person can't help but to think about her or him again and again. Just like what Damon was feeling. He can't help but think about Luciana again and again

To think about what she would be doing. Will she be alright alone in the house. His every minute contains her thoughts. He can't help but think of hugging her. To cuddle her. To kiss her with full of love.

But again that thought of her mumbling other guys name while sleeping in his arms made him angry. He knew using force on her wouldn't make her love him. He can control her body but her heart can never be his if he kept on physically forcing her.

He just wishes she wouldn't do something which will lead him to lose his temper. Sighing heavily he looked at Ryan who was now fast asleep. He placed a kiss on his forehead like a big brother and walked out of the room meeting a panicked Maxwell.

Damon: What happened.

Maxwell gulped looking down making Damon impatient.

Damon: Fucking tell me, Maxwell.

He raised his voice making Maxwell more nervous as he knew his boss is now losing his temper.

Max: DK L-Luciana. She.

Damon panicked hearing his wife's name and instantly grabbed Maxwell's arm staring at him with worried eyes.

Damon: What happened to my princess. FUCKING SAY IT ALREADY.

Max: She has escaped.

Maxwell said hurriedly raising his voice a little freezing Damon in his place. His whole being went stiffen hearing what Maxwell just said.

Damon: What the fuck did you just say.

Damon gritted his teeth glaring at Maxwell like he will stab his ribs out anytime.

Max: When we left the house an hour ago. She escaped the knight mansion using the backside door near the garden.

Damon's breathing accelerated when he heard his man's words. So she was waiting for the chance to run away from me. My words. My feelings. My every tries not to hurt her.

She doesn't care. None of them. I asked for only one thing to not run away from me. To not leave me and she did what I asked her to not.

Maxwell gulped watching Damon's demeanor changing into a beast one. He knew Luciana had done a big mistake. She could have cursed him. Shout at him. Could have hit him but running away from this man she brought a huge misery on herself.

Damon never showed Luciana his real side. His real demon side but now Damon was ready to destroy everything just like he told her.

Never think of running away from me or I will destroy everything. Including you.

Now she has forced him to make his words come true.

Damon: Two days. I am giving you days. Find her or be ready to be killed by me.

Saying that he turned around and walked out of the hospital. Maxwell knew Damon needed to be calm but he was more afraid for Luciana now. But no matter what happened he still had to obey his boss.

Luciana Pov.

It's been two days when I escaped him. I know the risk that I had taken was immense. But I had to. I can't keep on enduring his assault and then his useless apologies.

I had told Lily everything how he thought of me as her and married me. She was shocked to know that Ryan was in a coma. She even cried to sleep blaming herself for his condition and the torture that Damon provided me thinking of me as Lily.

I really wanted to tell her about the hospital so she could meet him but unfortunately, I didn't know which hospital. She was ready to go to Damon and kill him but I had to stop her.

I can't afford Damon to know that Lily is back and she's the one keeping me here away from him. I just really hope I wouldn't meet him again.

We heard a bell which made me scared to my core. I hid behind the wall and Lily patted my shoulder assuring me.

She went to the door and without any hesitation open it. A small gasp left from her lips when she was engulfed in a tight hug. I looked at the guy with a frown.

Looking around I assured that it wasn't Damon so I steadily moved a little closer to them. I heard Lily sniffing while hugging the guy tightly.

Is it Ryan. I thought staring at him. He was resembling Lia a lot but not Damon. Damon is taller than him with skin a little less pale than Ryan. Damon's eyes are pitch black while Ryan's eyes are bright blue just like his sister.

Pulling away from each other he left longing kisses on her whole face making me a little uncomfortable as I was literally witnessing everything. They both were so much drowned in their moment that even Lily was forgotten that I was still there.

My eyes slightly enlarged when he slammed his lips on hers. I instantly covered my eyes. My face and ears burnt in embarrassment. I took a step back wanting to leave them alone but end up making the vase on the table crashed on the floor.

I heard Lily chuckling obviously at my action of covering my eyes.

Lily: Always my innocent sister. Lucy meet Ryan. Ryan meet Luciana, my sister.

I steadily removed my hands from my eyes and looked at Ryan who was now smiling at me with bright eyes. His wrists and forehead were still covered with a bandage.

Ryan: Hey Luciana. Lily always talked about you a lot. I always wanted to meet you.

I didn't know what to do or say so I simply smiled at him nodding my head. But soon my smile fell down realizing that if Ryan found us then that's mean Damon. Oh no please no.

Lily understood my horrified pale expressions as she instantly turned to Ryan.

Lily: Ryan. We can't let your brother find my sister. You didn't bring him with you right.

She asked him but before he could answer her we heard a sinister chuckle.

Damon: Well to late sister in law.

I took a step back in fear when he entered the house smirking at my sister. His eyes instantly darken and anger flushed in them when they met mine.

I felt my soul leaving my body when his eyes met mine. How did he found me in just two days? This penthouse is almost 5 to 6 hours away from knights mansion.

Damon: Missed me wifey.

Wishing to leave me how naive of you love. Only the demon decides who will enter his hell and who will leave it. And this time he decided to keep you princess. Forever.


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