Author Pov

Silence crept in the room. Damon still hovered above her but his actions stopped even his breathing started to get lower

Luciana was extremely shocked at her sudden act. She just wanted to stop him but in doing so she unconsciously slapped him. She can clearly see a red mark on his cheek.

Lucy: I-I didn't m-mean to. It's---

She gasped out when he turned his face towards her and stared at her like he will kill her anytime. In fear, she instantly closed her eyes but he did completely opposite.

Taking a deep breath he let her body go and walked out of the room slamming the door shut. Luciana immediately sat up on the bed.

Heaving out a sigh of relief she tried to wipe her tears but let out a hiss when her burnt hand ached badly. She removed the bandage and closed her eyes in stress witnessing her skin again peeled off.

Her burn was again burst out and few stains of blood were visible on the bandage. She changed the bandage and applied ointment on it.

Soon she rested her back on the bed's headboard and covered her body with a blanket. Instead of Damon, her thoughts went to the same guy she saw in her dream.

It has been years when she last had a dream about him. Why she suddenly saw him in her dream again. But the thing is why she was even thinking about him.

Luciana met Luca when she was only 11 years old and Luca was that time seems older than her. That was the time when her father locked her for 3 days and didn't give her anything to eat.

She was giving up on her life and was expecting to face death but he appeared like a drop of water in a desert. Like a beautiful blooming flower in a barren land.

There was a huge window in the basement from where she used to talk to him. He sat outside of the window and her inside the basement.

That day he came and gave her something to eat and even a bottle of water. After that day he daily started to appear but only at night.

He never came to meet her in daylight. Luciana never really saw his face properly but his hands and his soft voice was enough for her to accept the fact he's her saviour.

He every night used to bring things for her. It happened for a year. They kept on meeting each other but one day Luca was extremely sad. He told her that there were some problems and he might not be able to meet her for some days.

And that's happened for 2 weeks he didn't come to meet her. But when he came Luciana burst out crying while he comforted her.

That time Luciana begged him to not leave her to not go. And even confessed her feelings towards him saying that she loves him but Luca only answered her 'you shouldn't have fallen for me'

After that day Luca never came back. She every night waited for him but he never came. Years went by and with time she accepted the fact that he was just her hallucination.

She accepted her feelings that it wasn't love. It was just a desperation to be loved by someone. To be with someone who cared for you. Her love for Luca was just a momentary want.

She was a kid and she took her desperation to be with him as a love when in reality it was just a mare affection of moment. With time she forgot about him.

In starting she had some bad few dreams of him but that was also stopped after some time. But now she was confused about why she suddenly had a dream of that day when she confessed to him.

But what terrified her was Damon's possessiveness. She just wanted to get away from this man. She can't spend her life with a person whose not even ready to hear her out

Who can't even endure her calling other men's name. He's insane and she just wants a simple life. But the normal life she wished to have she knew he can never give her.

Sighing heavily her gaze went to the balcony. What should I do? Should I just try for once? I can't just keep on living like this. But where will I go? Plus that Jack whose just waiting for me to escape.

Also that man at the party. Your mine. What if she ends up in his hands. Who knows what kind of man he is. Who knows if he ends up appearing worst than Damon.

Biting her lip her eyes fell on the clock. 2 am. Who would possibly be trying to spy me at this time? Gulping down she walked towards the balcony and it was open.

She flinched hardly hearing a screech of car driving away at a fast speed. She narrowed her eyes and it was Damon and Maxwell. They both were going somewhere.

What should I do?


Damon Pov

I punched the wall multiple times bruising my fists. How fucking I can be this much of an asshole. I was about to rape her. Fucking hell Damon. What has gotten into you?

I didn't even let her explain and lost control. Even after knowing how much I hate rapists, I was about to became a one. Maxwell was right my anger issues are becoming worst.

I don't blame her for slapping me. Yes, it hurt my ego. My pride but still it was my fault. I was never even for once slapped by a woman but today she did. She did what million of women feared to do.

But it doesn't matter it was my fault. I would have raped her if she hadn't stopped me. I don't want to be called as rapist I never want to. I hate cheaters and rapists.

I can never be one. She should have slapped me hard no she should have punched me. I fucking deserve it. God, what she has done to me.

But again who the fuck is this Luca. I felt like weeping in the corner when she said I love you to that fucker, Luca.

The same sentence I wanted to hear she said but for some other man. Who is he I need to know I have to ask her. And this time I need to control my anger.

I just hope she stops getting on my bad side. She loved someone else and I was here dreaming to be her first love.

Sighing heavily I stared at my bruised fists I think it's better to hurt myself than her. It's better to paint bruises on my body than to even touch her.

I was about to walk towards the room to ask her who the hell is this Luca asshole. But stopped when I heard Maxwell running towards me.

His eyes were sleepy and his hair was messy. He was clearly jumped off the bed.

Damon: What happened.

He extended his hand and handed me his phone. Without any word I took it and said hello.

Dr: Hello Mr Knight. I am Ryan's knight doctor I was calling you for half an hour but you weren't attending it.

I closed my eyes heaving out a sigh remembering that I was so much busy in assaulting my wife that I forgot to charge my phone.

Damon: I am talking now right. Then just say it.

I replied in my usual cold tone and I was sure that doctor must be now trembling in fear.

Dr: S-sir. Actually, I wanted to tell you that. Your brother is awake. He just got his consciousness back an hour ago.

My eyes widened and a small smile appeared on my lips. Finally, my Lil brother was awake. I said ok and hung up the call before looking at Maxwell who was looking at me curiously.

Damon: Max my brother is awake. Ryan is awake. Come on let's go I can't wait to meet him.

He also smiled at me and we both ran towards my car grabbing our coats. We didn't care that we were only in sweatpants and oversized shirts. Right now the only important thing was my brother.

Author Pov.

Seeing Damon and Maxwell both absent from the house. She knew it was the most perfect opportunity for her.

Lucy: I have to do this. I can't always step back because of fear. You can do this Lucy.

She encouraged herself and grabbed the warm hoodie with a large shawl covering her head. To her luck, Damon's room was on the second floor so the distance wasn't too much.

Closing her eyes she jumped off the balcony and fell on the grass of the garden. Her back felt like broken she covered her lips in order to not make any sound.

Hardly standing up on her feet. She instantly hid behind the bushes when a guard walked inside the house. She carefully made her way towards the main gate but seeing so many guards she knew it was impossible for her to escape.

Then she remembered the gate at the end of the garden. The same gate when Damon misunderstood her escaping from that gate.

She made her way towards that gate and smiled in triumph seeing no guard there. But to her bad luck, it was locked. More like sealed. There was no way out. Then again she encouraged herself to not lose hope.

She started climbing up the gate and finally, she jumped off it. The gate to her luck was smaller than the main one so it was easier for her to jump off it.

She instantly started running more like stumbling on her steps because of the pain from jumping off the balcony. Heaving out sighs of relief. She couldn't believe she just made it. But the fear of Jack and that party guy was still in her heart.

Soon she reached the main road and let out a huge gasp when a car stopped right near her knees. It was almost hit her. She took steps back blinking her eyes because of the lights.

Someone hoped off the car and ran towards her she tried to ran but was grabbed by her arms and pulled in a warm embrace. Soon she recognized the scent.

Lucy: L-Lily

Liliana burst out in tears while hugging her sister tightly.

Lily: Thank God I've found you. I was driving to Damon knight's house but then I saw you running here.

Luciana shook her head grabbing Liliana's arms.

Lucy: Please Lily take me away. He's a very bad person. Please just take me away, for now, I will tell everything. Please.

Liliana didn't say anything further and took her sister to the car. She drove the car towards her penthouse, not to the Miller's house.

She knew Damon will try to find her in Miller's house so she simply took her towards her personal penthouse. During the ride, only one thing was in Luciana's mind.

Please God, don't let him find me.

She wants to escape a demon but was oblivious of the fact that once demon possessed a soul no one can save it.


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