Luciana Pov

He was walking aggressively taking long steps making my stomach to hit on his shoulder, again and again, making me cried out more.

No matter how bad my father is. But still torturing him in front of his own daughter like this. This man has no mercy. I didn't even do anything except to speak a truth.

He himself said that he wouldn't let me go till he knows the truth. And now he knew that I am not Liliana but Luciana then why is he being this possessive over me. I know I am his wife and he had accepted me as Luciana.

But I don't want to live this mentally sick man. He's not someone I can spend a normal life without any problems. His anger issues are worst than anything.

I can't always handle his possessiveness plus he doesn't even have a slightest trust on me. Can't he see I, who was locked up in that basement for the whole of my life how can he expect me to hug any random guy who I don't even know?

I kept on hitting his back even bit his shoulder but he had no effect. I noticed him going to some other place. It was a bathroom near the basement. It was bigger almost like a whole room. I gasped out when he opened the shower still keeping me on his shoulder.

My back and my dress got damp in the water. He harshly put me down and before I could react he forced my body to stay under the shower.

It was too cold and the water was directly hitting on my head making it hard for me to breathe. My body was feeling extremely weak.

My elbows were attached to his chest and hands on his shoulder while he was holding me tightly in his arms. My bloodshot eyes met his red psychotic ones. He also got fully damped as the shower was wetting us both.

"P-Please take m-me out. I-its too c-cold. " I whispered shivering badly. My skin started to get pale as well as his. His face was paled badly but he had no reaction it was almost like he wasn't feeling cold.

My eyes were kept on blinking because of water. Before I could say something again my eyes got slammed shut feeling a harsh thud on my lips.

He roughly smashed his lips on my while his hands were still around my body keeping me on the place and continuously pressing me against his wet chest.

I tried to move my face away but he grabbed my wet hairs putting a more force on the kiss. It was completely sloppy and hard kiss almost bruising my lips

Because of water, it was hard for me to breathe from the nose. Unable to control I opened my mouth to inhale some air but instead taking an advantage he shoved his tongue in my mouth filling up his desires.

I let out a whimper and gave him hard punches on his chest and shoulders but he was completely got busy in eating my lips not giving a single damn about my condition.

I felt a harsh bite on my lower lip as he almost dug his teeth in my flesh making it bleed. My blood got mixed with water and he was swallowing it wholeheatditly making me more disgusted.

After a harsh kiss, he pulled away and without giving me a second to catch my breath he slammed me on a glass wall before grabbing a soap bottle.

I was taking deep breaths and trying to stand on my feet but they were like jelly. My whole body was shivering in cold but he was being a beast right now. Even my ankle was hurting badly.

"Let's remove that fuckers touch. " He said pouring the soap all over my body even my head. I felt like burying myself right now when his hands met my arms and he started to rub them harshly.

I felt greasy all over my body because of the soap. His hands went to my legs and he ripped my gown revealing my pale legs. His rough hands started to harshly rub my skin almost turning it reddish.

"P-please stop m-master, please. " I begged him but instead of stopping he grabbed the shower handle and started to wash my body removing the soap.

My stomach curled up when he grabbing my waist slamming me against his chest and buried his face in my crook. His warm lips met my cold skin making me gasped out

God, please help me. This man is insane. He's not even pitying on my condition. Black dots started to appear in front of my eyes.

My head got pressed against the glass wall while his lips were moving from my neck to my jawline placing hard and rough kisses all over.

I squeezed my eyes tightly letting more tears to fell down feeling him biting my skin. He was making his marks on my body and I hate it. He was literally thinking of me as his property and now he was marking it.

My strength gave up and everything turned black.

Author Pov.

She fell in his arms limped. His arm was still on her waist as she has fainted. Her body was leaned back but he again pulled her in his arms and picked her up as a bridal style.

It wasn't the first he had seen her body. He had changed her clothes before as well. But this time his emotions and intentions were different.

Changing her into his warm hoodie and sweatpants he covered her with heavy duvet before sitting beside her. He changed his clothes as well and called his doctor to come.

Her temperature had risen up. Her skin was paler than before and ankle was badly swollen because of all tripping. There were even a few hickeys on her neck and shoulders given by him. Her lip had bruise as he had bit it badly.

Ken: What should I do Damon. You know the truth already then why are you doing this to her.

Ken said after checking Luciana and treating her bruises and ankle injury. Even her hand which was burnt by him once again got scratched out because of his assault. Ken again had to bandage it.

Damon: I don't know ok. I don't know why am I this possessive in her matter. But I know I can't stand seeing her in some other man's arms which is not me. It burns my whole body in jealousy and anger.

He exclaimed rubbing his face with his hands as he was also feeling extremely frustrated by his anger issues. He was completely blinded by his anger today.

He couldn't believe he made her see his father being tortured. He once again forced himself on her and cherry on top he even forced her to stay in that ice-like water when she was clearly begging him to stop.

Ken: I am done with your nonsense Damon. You may be my boss but I can't see this girl who has done nothing wrong to you being treated like this. She has already suffered a lot, Damon. Stop this.

Damon: I can't stop now Ken. I can't. I can't help but to miss her when she's not around. I can't help but to hold her. To kiss her. Wanted to feel her whenever I see her. I am becoming crazy Ken. When that man hugged her i wanted to tear him apart. I wanted to kiss her there and wanted to show him that she's mine. I wanted to show the whole world that she's only mine. I can't even handle the thought of living without her anymore.

Ken looked at him shocked. He was stunned to see Damon's this side. Damon was looking like a beast right now who just wanted to claim his prey.

Ken: Goddammit Damon you're obsessed.

Damon stared at him for a second and then let out a small chuckle like he already knows about his unhealthy feelings for Luciana.

Damon: I know I am. And what's wrong with that. She's my wife now. And she has to accept it. She can't leave me. And I will make sure of it. She has to live with me either she wants to or not but she has to.

Ken stared at him in disbelief but Damon's eyes were fixed on Luciana as he was staring at her with his psychotic gaze which was clearly stating a promise.

Promise to cage her because this time Damon wasn't in a rage of revenge but he was like a burning lava in hell. Hell of his love for her.

When an obsession turns into a madness then there left nothing except a man with black heart.


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