Luciana Pov.

I was trembling in fear he was staring at me with his dark red eyes. His jaw was clenched and his lips were curved into a small smirk.

He was having full time enjoying my trembling figure. Placing his one hand on the side of my head he leaned more to my body making me to curled up even more.

Damon: Why are you doing this to me wifey. Why. I am not hurting you I am not forcing you I am not even torturing anymore then why.

He whispered darkly as he grabbed my hand and forcefully pulled it towards his almost bare chest. My eyes got widened when he started to hit his chest using my hand which was folded into a fist.

My whole body was leaning back and forth as he roughly made my fist to hit on his chest while he gazed at me emotionlessly. My cries become louder. This man is insane he was looking like a psycho.

Lucy: P-please stop i-i beg you p-please.

I said as he stopped abruptly staring at me blankly. But suddenly he started to laugh.

Damon: Why so scared princess. Did I scare you? What about me then. Huh. What about me.

He said backing away from my body and jumping off the bed.

Damon: I am also hurting. I am dying love. See what have you done to me. I am becoming crazy. Seeing you. Even imagining you with some other guy I felt killing everyone I--- Urgggg

He grabbed the vase on the table and threw it on the floor making me cried out even more. Today he was way different from other times.

He never behaved like this before. God, please help me. This man is not normal he's mentally unstable. My tears were falling like a waterfall.

I felt my heart jumped off my chest as he stopped screaming and turned his head towards me shooting me his deadliest glare.

Walking towards me his shoes made a sound of stepping on crushed pieces of the vase that he just broke. Grabbing my jaw in a tight grip he forced my lips into a pout.

Damon: Do you think it's that easy to get rid of me huh. Do you think I will let you go? Never. You know princess, I know who you are.

Leaning to my face his lips were brushing mine as he continued his words.

Damon: Luciana.

My eyes snapped towards his dark ones. I looked at him shocked. He smirked at my stunned expressions before harshly throwing my face away.

Damon: Two days ago I got to know everything. Every fucking thing about you. Wanna listen.

He walked around the bed where I was sitting.

Damon: Luciana Miller. Daughter of a bastard named Jim Miller. Twin sister of a famous millionaire Liliana Miller. Was locked in a basement for the whole of her life. Away from the world. No one ever was able to know that Jim Miller has two daughters. Was abused and homeschooled. But you know wifey.

He looked at my frozen figure as he turned to me. Sitting on the bed in front of me he placed his palm on my cheek making me flinch in fear.

Damon: Now you're a wife of a billionaire mafia king. See where you are now wifey. This house. This man everything is yours. Your a queen Luciana. My queen Luciana Knight.

I shook my head and backed away from him. He was clearly mad at my resistance but I can't do this. What he's even thinking I can never even think of spending my life with a man who is mentally retarded, who is this possessive. He is no better than my father.

Lucy: N-no. You k-know everything then p-please let me g-go now. You know I am not the o-one you wanted t-then p-pl---- Ahh.

I let out a scream when he harshly grabbed my arms and roughly threw me on the bed hovering above me. My hands were in his grip as he pinned them above my head using his one hand while his other hand was wrapped around my throat.

He didn't apply any force on my neck but held it on one spot. I looked at him terrified as he was breathing heavily.

Damon: You want to leave me. YOU WILL NEVER LEAVE ME. I told you before IF YOU EVEN THINK OF LEAVING ME I WILL DESTROY EVERYTHING. Everything Including you.

He said dangerously yelling and seething on my face his harsh breathing was hitting my lips as I slammed shut my eyes in fear. What have I ever done to deserve this man as my husband?

Lucy: P-please I ---


He screamed even louder almost making me deaf as I struggled to free my hands. I wanted to cover my ears as his yelling was hitting in my head badly.

My eyes were becoming heavy while the tears were kept on gracing my cheeks. I wanted to get away from him. His anger was way too scarier I wanted to hide from him. He can do anything right now and that's what frightens me even more.

Damon: You wanna see what I do with the people who hurt me or my loved ones. Do you want to see how cruel I am when I get betrayed? Then let me show you.

He grabbed my hand harshly pulling me out of the bed and dragging me somewhere. I tried to protest and free my hands but instead, he pulled me more roughly.

I felt my ankle twisting badly. I was about to fall but instead he harshly pulled me up and without sparing any glance at my injured ankle he again started dragging me.

My whole gown was wrapped in dirt and I was tripping on my every step but it had no effect on him. He was mad. Angry. In a rage, he was blinded by his undefined anger.

Pulling me in an abandoned room like a basement he harshly pushed me inside it making me stumbled on my feet but gained my balance and stood straightly.

But soon my whole body got froze when I stared at the person tied up on the chair full of bruises. Blood was painted on his clothes and body. He was looking beaten up badly for days.

Lucy: Father.

Author Pov.

Only a mare whisper left from her lips as she stared at her father whose head steadily heaved up and he stared at his daughter's bloodshot eyes.

Their little eye contact got interrupted when Damon took dangerous steps towards Mr. Miller with an evil smirk planting on his lips.

Damon: How are you father in law. See I brought your daughter to visit you.

He said motioning Mr. Miller to look at Luciana who was staring at her father in horror. Chuckling at her pale expressions Damon grabbed a baseball bat and stood behind Mr. Miller.

Smirking at Luciana who shook her head in negative as she knew what he was planning.

Luciana: NO.

She cried out when Damon slammed the bat on Mr. Millers head making him scream as well. His stitched head once again got burst open and blood started oozing out rapidly.

Damon: Aww why crying princess it's just a start.

He said as he started to smash the baseball bat on Mr. Millers legs again and again. They were sure after this Mr. Miller will definitely lose the ability to walk.

Damon: This bastard thought that hurting my wife for years. Trying to kill my brother. And framing my sister in law. After doing all this no one will do anything to him. YOU THINK PLAYING WITH DAMON KNIGHT IS A FUCKING JOKE. SO HERE IS YOUR REWARD.

He yelled banging the bat multiple times on Mr. Millers head finally making him to lose his consciousness.

Luciana covered her ears falling on her knees she was begging and crying at him to stop.


Damon stopped his acts breathing heavily as a few drops of blood stained his white shirt and hands also his face. His eyes darted towards kneeling Luciana who was crying hysterically. Damon motioned his men to take Mr. Miller.

Damon: Treat him. Don't let him die. Yet.

Her body was trembling uncontrollably. Hick ups were leaving her throat. But poor her, her terrified and traumatized condition had no effect on the beast in front of her.

He took slow and predator-like steps towards her figure which was almost curled up on a floor. Kneeling in front of her he forcefully took her wrists which were covering her ears in his bloody ones.

Damon: This isn't the end princess.

Her head snapped towards him as her swollen red eyes met his bloodshot psychotic ones. She shook her head as she was tired and terrified to her core.

But it had no effect on Damon he harshly threw her on his shoulder and started to walk back to the room while she cried helplessly struggling to get away from him.

Damon: Don't worry baby I will remove his touch from you. Completely.

His anger took him to an unreturnable path where he not only destroyed his happiness but also snatched her last piece of truce.

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