Author Pov

Damon sighed heavily as he remembered what Maxwell told him two days ago. He never in his dreams thought that it might be a truth.

Shaking his head he went towards his seat in his office as he closed his eyes. Soon hearing a knock on the door he straighten himself and yelled 'Come in'. His personal assistant entered with her blank face.

P.A: Good morning sir. Your coffee and today's schedule is.

She started to elobrate his schedule keeping her eyes on the tablet in her hands. Damon hates girls who acts lowly or to get attention from him. Every employee in his company knows clearly to not mess with him if they want to live.

Damon already had almost killed two girl employees who tried to seduce him but eventually he let them go alive as he never killed an innocent person. Yes showing them their place he had to do these kinds of actions.

After telling him his schedule she did a small bow and walked out of the room as Damon was only focused on the file in his hand. After dismissing her his phone started to ring.

Damon: What you want.

Lia: Wow is this how you say hello to your sister. Rude.

Damon rolled his eyes still going through the file.

Damon: Just tell me already.

Lia sighed at his cold reply. She knew he hates when someone call him during his office time.

Lia: Tomorrow is my birthday plus your reception. Remember.

Her words gained his attention as he sighed heavily remembering that he has another uninvited event. Mumbling ok he was about to cut the call but Lia stopped him.

Lia: Wait. Don't forget to buy your beautiful wife a perfect dress. And also buy yourself a nice suit. After all it's your reception. Everyone was shocked when I gave them reception invitation. It's gonna be ----

Damon: Alright meet you tomorrow. Bye.

He said cutting the line as he had no interest in listening to his sisters nonsense. Huffing out he realised now he has to buy his wife a dress. A perfect one just like his sister said. Fucking hell.

Cursing under his breath he decided to make a call.

Damon: Hello Mrs. Kin how are you. I am good. Actually I wanted you to prepare a beautiful dress any color will be fine and a well maintained suit black will do for me.

Damon wanted to get rid of the responsibility of buying her a dress and him a suit but to his bad luck.

Mrs. Kin: Boss. I know your size but I don't know the size of the girl so I can't prepare a dress without having proper measurements. What if dress end up being smaller or larger.

Damon cursed in his mind as he understood he has to go back because he had no other choice.

Damon: Alright send someone to take measurements and I want dress and my suit perfectly ready tomorrow.

Mrs. Kin: Ofcourse Boss. I will send one of employee. He will be there in 20 minutes. Good bye.

Damon also nodded and cut the call. He leaned on the chair sighing heavily he called Maxwell and informed him that someone will come for Luciana's measurements so he should be there which Maxwell replied with ok.

He was busy in his work when he closed his eyes to rest a little but then his eyes snapped open remembering Mrs. Kin's one word 'He'

Damon: What the fuck. A man wouldn't dare to touch my wife. I will fucking chop his hands.

He mumbled instantly jumping off the chair and running towards his car. He told his assistant to cancel all the appointments for today and tomorrow which she obeyed right away.

Luciana Pov.

I stood up from my seat when Maxwell and some other guy came in. That guy smiled at me while I stared at Maxwell in confusion.

Max: Mrs. Knight. This guy is here to take your measurements as tomorrow is your reception and you need a dress. So Mr. Knight called me to escort him to you so he can take your measurements.

I gulped smiling uncomfortably at the guy. He seems nice but I was still feeling uncomfortable because except Damon and Jack no one had touched me before. Moreover I hated both of their touch and now this guy.

I literally has become afraid of men's touch after what both of those monsters did to me. He took a step closer and I unconsciously took a step back.

Maxwell and that guy noticed as he stopped moving towards me. But suddenly he smiled in assurance.

Nick: Relax I know you must me feeling uncomfortable but trust me there is nothing to be awkward because I like boys.

He said winking at Maxwell he stepped away from the guy a little with bothered expressions. While I smiled a little feeling relaxed a bit.

Nick: Lets take this to your room.

I nodded and he followed me. Maxwell stood beside the door guarding my room. Nick pulled out the stretch tape and was about to wrap it around my waist but then.

Door got slammed open as we both flinched turning our attentions to the door. Damon was standing there staring straightly at the guy more like glaring.

Damon: Give this to me. I will do the measurements and you can write them.

My eyes widened in shock hearing his words. I looked at Nick who chuckled before handing the tape to Damon and stepping aside. What just like that. Why he didn't protest or argue.

I become more uncomfortable when Damon stood infront of me. He was worst than Nick. He slowly wrapped the tape around my shoulders pulling me closer to his body as I looked away from him.

Nick wrote the measures and giggled but receiving a glare from Damon he went blank instantly.

He wrapped the tape on my chest upper from my breasts as I gulped sensing his breath on my face. He was too close and I can clearly say he's moving closer purposely. H8s breath was hitting on my cheek as I was looking away.

My uncomfortable acts didn't go unnoticed by him as his lips curved into a small smirk.

Damon: Turn your head.

He whispered and me being an idiot not able to understand his trick as soon as I turned my head our noses collided with each other.

He smirked in satisfaction as I instantly leaned back.

Nick: Uhm now only waist is left.

He said breaking our eye contact. Damon rolled his eyes and wrapped the tape around my waist. Nick wrote the measures and after saying goodbyes to us he went out as Maxwell accompanied him.

We were still in the same position. The tape was still on my waist. Did Nick forgot to take this with him. But what concerned me was the close proximity in which we were standing.

Damon was just staring at me without removing the tape from my waist or moving away. His hands indirectly had caged me as I was wrapped around the tape and the way to get it off me the access was in his hands.

I tried to move back but let out a gasp when he pulled my body against his. My elbows got pressed against his hard chest as I was completely slammed against it.

Damon: What's so hurry wifey.

He said still staring at me coldly while I gulped uncomfortably.

Lucy: L-leave me please.

He didn't budge and kept on staring at me emotionlessly. Instead of leaving he pulled me extremely close removing the whole distance. Our lips were almost touching.

If I moved a little we will end up kissing. He brushed his lips on mine as my breath become heavier. I closed my eyes as his harsh breath kept on hitting my lips.

But what he said next snapped my eyes open in shock.

Damon: Be ready for the party. Your going to be introduced as a wife of Mafia king. Luciana Knight.

Confusing her was his satisfaction. Satisfying himself was his habit.

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