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Your name is Angelica Rose. Men can't keep their eyes off you and get dangerous thoughts even getting a glance of you.

\You get ready late in the evening, put on your popping red lipstick and grab your nightmare black purse.
The moment you stand in-front of the door of your "loving husband" a smirk showing 4 pointy teeth so sharp they are able to rip trough cows skin starts forming on your perfect face.

After half a minute of waiting a handsome man with the highest quality of clothing opens the door.

You enter the mansion and follow your husband to the ginormous library.
There's a modern, welcoming sofa next to a small table with 2 glasses of pink wine from 1965 and the bottle in between.
You sit down as he hands you the glass.
He starts talking with you with you.

"I heard you fired the maid. Sabrina, if i'm correct?"

You look at him with a cold empty face. It's not like he's used to anything different.
You pour the pink drink in your mouth, tasting the new expensive liquid sliding down in your throa

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