Can I Be Your Mrs?


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Have you ever loved something to the extent that you could lie blatantly about it? In Jalilah’s case, she had. She had loved ballet since she was a little girl, but being born from a northern Nigerian family, she had never got to be the ballerina she had always dreamed of. She didn't let that dream go, because she would lie about being married so her mother will let her leave.

Yazeed had never been choked up in a mess like this, but he had no choice but to stay mute and watch the drama unfold before his eyes. How would you feel to have a girl lie to her mother about you being her husband right before your eyes? They left, and she got what she had always been dreaming of.

She knew she would love him someday, but she had never seen that day to be this close. What would she do? After knowing that their days together were numbered, and It got to the point that she couldn’t pretend anymore, and she asked him the question. “Can I be your Mrs?"



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this is definitely one of the best novels I've read so far. you're doing amazing

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