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Her name is Evie
Her eyes were bright and large. They were sky blue. She look delicate and her eyes held greatness in them.
She was nimble and small and the same time fierce. She was curvy, however. Her hips were wide and her ass was plump.
Her chest was well-developed for her stature. She was, by all means, a curvy woman.
Her hair was long, red and thick.
The tips of her hair ended at her hips, framing her delicate form. She look weak and strong at the same time. Evie was the only daughter of Lord Ansley, an earl in the Eastern empire of humans.
The house of Ansley was once one of the richest families in the Eastern empire. But their family have fallen into poverty since her father, the earl, had passed on. Evie was the only child and since there was no son to inherit the Lordship, the title was passed on to one of the her close male cousins. Her mother who was used to the luxurious life could not handle their financial problems which lead them into poverty and she began to blame her, because she was not bo

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