"I'll go get some drinks."I said and ran away from the dark gaze of Ethan under the pretext of fetching some drinks. He had been staring at me ever since he came to talk to Stephan. I felt as if I were some kind of prey waiting to be devoured by him. His stare does make me uneasy and uncomfortable but at the same time it was weirdly addicting. I could not help but feel that there was another thing to his overly intense gawking. "Two irish bombs please." I asked, smiling to the bartender behind the bright blue and neon purple table. I sat on one of the high stools as the man prepared the drinks. I glanced around and this club was no different to the others. There was the usual loud music, the people showing too much affection in public and the crazy dances.

"Are you here alone ?" I looked up to see a brunet staring down at me. He did not look lke an american, maybe Mexican or Italian. His hair was combed backwards, had full pink lips and big doe eyes. "Yes." I answered not really paying attention to him. The only thing I had going on in my mind right now was Ethan and a plan to get away from the club. "I am Lucas and you ?" He questioned, not letting go of the wish becoming friends with me. I sighed and pat the stool next to me, gesturing him to take a seat. Having another friend among the many I had would not hurt me that much. "Alicia. Nice to meet you Lucas." I responded as he took a seat next to me. He was really handsome and tall but he could not be compared with a certain Ethan.

"Who are you here with ?" He placed his chin on the palm of his hand, tilting his head and staring at me. I pouted and played with my hands."With my best friend but he is with his other friends." I huffed and rolled my eyes. I went to the club because of Stephan but he was not even with me. He was sitting with Ethan and did not even think of coming with me to get drinks. I could not even understand how these two were related. I knew everyone Stephan knew, all his friends were my friends and then suddenly Ethan appeared in the picture. I was jealous, not because Stephan knew Ethan but because Ethan was stealing my best friend away from me. "Then I'll keep you company for tonight Alicia." I snapped ut of my thoughts, remembering I was having a conversation with Lucas. He grinned and the way he did so gave me a weird vibe. My whole body and soul was telling me to stay away from him but I was sure that was just me overreacting.

"No it's fine I'm going to head back now." I grabbed the drinks I ordered and got off the stool to go back to the room. "We should at least exchange numbers Alicia." He persisted, smirking and taking a deadly grip on my wrist. I started panicking and tried to pull his hands off me but he just had an inhumane strength. "If I were you I would let go of her hands at this moment." Lucas glanced behind me and I did the same. Peering over my shoulder, I saw Ethan with darkened eyes glaring at Lucas. I frowned. Who was he to control me. First he tried to steal my best friend away from me and next he wanted to control my life. I was a little grateful for his help. Only an ounce bit as I could have dealt with it myself.

I felt the grip on my hand loosen and I glanced up at Lucas. A glint of fear was present in his dark hazel eyes and he completely avoid any eye contact with Ethan. "I'm sorry" Lucas started but Ethan disrupted him with a calm but authoritative voice. "Go now." Lucas immediately ran away, not even turning back. "Thank you." I mumbled, not daring to look up at him in the face and tried to get away from him, the drinks still in my hands. "Let's get out of here." He said, gripping on my hands and my eyes widened. My head felt fuzzy and I squished my eyes closed. I felt

a drop in temperature, opened my eyes and found myself in a completely new room. The unknown place was decorated in black and shades of crimson-blood red.

"H-how ?" I asked, dripping to my knees, my palms finding place on my knee caps. It was not a normal thing to teleport from a bar to a luxury bedroom. I glanced up after not receiving any answers and heard only short breaths coming from Ethan. His eyes were once again garnet red. It was absolutely mesmerizing. I felt myself falling into his beautiful orbs but quickly came back to my senses as he grabbed my previously injured finger and stared at it questioningly."Your blood is already clotted so why the fuck does it smell so good." He whispered more to himself than to me and pecked the tip of my finger.

His cold hands traveled to my hips as he pulled me into a kiss. Once a again, my brain tried its best to fight it but my body was just stagnant. It would not move an inch no matter how strongly I wanted to. His palms found way under my shirt and he caressed my naked skin under it with his ice-cold fingers. No matter how cold his fingers were, it left a burning sensation on my skin as it touched it. "Why did you hide the hickeys I made to you ?" He rasped, his voice half annoyed and half lustrous. I whined as he pulled on my hair and made new hickeys over the ones under the turtleneck of my sweater. A rush of excitement flowed through my veins as he bore his fangs right on the crook of my neck, his hot breath hitting on my sensitive pale skin. His hands played with the elastic band of my pants and he slid his hand inside of my underwear. A pang of realization hits me and I push him away from me, heavy breathing.

"Wait what even are you ?" I questioned, breath unstill and legs wobbly. He simply chuckled deeply and pulled me into his strong arms again. "I am Ethan Smith, The king of what you humans call vampires."

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