I frustratingly ruffled my and bit my lips in anger. Me, the Ethan King, a pure blood vampire who only drank blood from vampires just had a few drops of human blood. I feel so degraded, so disgusted at myself. I drank blood from not only a human but from a hotel worker, someone on an even lower end. If my family heard this, they would probably be even more disgusted. I slammed my hand on the table out of anger and it broke it into pieces. I stared at the destroyed table and smirked. I should not feel disgusted from myself. I am so strong that no one can go against my order. I have every one in the vampire kingdom on my feet. Dominance satisfied me more than anything.

Throwing my robe away from my body, I dressed up to go to the club my friends invited me to. Apparently I was way too stucked up and I should relax once in a while. And by relaxing, they meant hooking up with someone. No one had ever been up to my standards. Sure, I had a few one night stands with both vampires and humans when I was furious or exhausted; it was a great way to get rid of pent up emotions but they were never pleasurable enough for me. Their blood could make me puke and their faces while they were being fucked- especially when achieving their high were ugly.

The cute hotelier from back then would not be half bad. She had an undeniably curvy body: big boobs, a tiny waist and a perky ass. Her face looked so angelic, ready to be ruined by me. On top of that, her blood was succulent. It was really a loss that she was human. Had she been a vampire, she would have already been brought back to my mansion. If I met her one more time, I would not hesitate to have a one night stand with her and kill her afterwards. I shook my thoughts off, checking myself out one last time in the mirror before driving to the club.

The club seemed pretty normal from the outside. It had the usual neon purple signs along with the bodyguards outside. However, on the inside it was completely different. It would be the place where vampires would trap humans to drink their blood. After all, normal vampires can only drinl blood from low-life such as humans. I groaned, the loud music of the club hurting my sensitive vampire ears. I did not understand how the other vampires could bear the loud blasting music. My eyes wandered around the room, searching for my friends. I grinned as soon as I spot Anna and Luke making out near the bar.

"What are you guys doing ?" I asked making them flinch, Luke glaring at me and Anna hiding her blushed face. He pulled his partner by her waist towards his body, his eyes not leaving me."Some people here don't know what making out looks like I think." Luke said rolling his eyes at me. He was pissed off. After all it was not the first time that I have disturbed them. "Where are the others ?" I questioned, sitting next to them on the sofa. A glass filled with red liquid was on the armrest. I brought it to my mouth, tasting the liquid. My lips twitched as I suddenly remembered the intoxicating taste of that girl's blood. It was so good that the one I was now drinking seemed bland.

I groaned and tried to control my fangs. Only a drop of her blood was enough to leave me in such a state. It was extremely infuriating. I wanted a human's blood and it went against my pride. The cherry on top was that I did not even know the woman's name. My eyes widened as a familiar scent hit my nose. It was calling for me, waiting for me to claim it. Luke did not look like he was slightly affected by it. But if I smelled her blood, that meant the girl was here and was enough of an idiot to not clean her wound.

My eyes searched the room and I frowned when I saw the blonde girl with a vampire. Not any vampire but Stephan Adams, a vampire count, in other words a high ranked vampire. So that girl did know about the existence of vampires. The short girl's body stiffened when she took notice of me. Her face went red from anger and embarrassment. I felt a small twinge of satisfaction as I saw that. I decided to annoy her even more, getting up and going to talk to Stephan. We weren't that close but a small conversation wouldn't hurt.

"Luke you should go and reserve our VIP room before Stacy comes and throws a fit." I ordered. Smiling, I approached the two other person who were walking around. As soon as Stephan took a sight of me, he bowed as a sign of reverence. "Hello Ethan." He said a small smile on his lips. Jealousy flashed through me as I saw him wrap his hand around the human's waist. "Hi Stephan. Is that your blood bank ?" I asked and Stephan's eyes widened. He chuckled, glancing at the human at his hand."What's a blood bank ? You're still as weird as ever Ethan." He replied, a huge fake grin on plastered on his face. I frowned but ignored his comment. His aura reeked of stress and nervousness.

"Anyways. Alicia this is Ethan King, Ethan this is Alicia Smith." She smiled and introduced us to each other. At least I knew her name now. It was some kind of progress. I stared at Alicia as she fidgeted before placing her hand in front of me. "Nice to meet you Alicia." I smirked and shook her small hands, never breaking eye contact. She lowered her head, her cheeks flushed pink and a small smile playing on her slender lips. Submissive. I liked it. "Do you guys want to join us ?" I proposed Stephan, wanting to know more about Alicia. It was clear that these two were alone and a part of me does not want to leave Alicia in a sea of thirsty vampires who would love her blood. One thing which bothered me was that Stephan was not affected by Alicia's scent like me. It was weird and intriguing. The perfume was way too sweet for any campire to be able to ignore it.

"Who is 'us' ?" The vampire asked, his silly grin already gone. "Luke, Josh and their...girlfriends." I trailed, not mentioning blood banks again to respect the decision of Stephan about not letting the human know about our existence. "Oh then we'll come. Stacy will be there too right ? We're friends with her." I hummed and entered the room Luke booked while I talked to the duo. "Thank you for not saying anything about us being vampires." Stephan mumbled as he passed next to me. Sighing, I tried to comfort myself about the situation. I treated high ranked vampires well. Everyone knew that. It was not about Alicia.

"I'll go get some drinks." Alicia finally spoke in what seemed like forever. She went to the bar and I tried to follow her but an annoying person jumped on my back. "Ethan ! How are you ?" She smooches my cheeks and I groaned from the excessive skinship. We just saw each other that morning and she was already overreacting."We already talked about this Stacy, I'm not 15 anymore." She pouted, jumping off my back.

"I saw you brought Sophie and her best friend ?" She added and I immediately remembered what I was trying to do. I glance around the dancing floor, moving away from Stacy in search of Alicia.

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