Alicia POV

I entered the elevator as soon as I heard the ear-piercing 'ding' sound. My whole body felt numb and sore from working the whole day. I pushed the food cart, going to the VIP penthouse on the highest floor of the hotel. It was extremely tiring to get dressed up again when my shift had already ended only to deliver wine to the customer living on the top floor. My manager was the type of person who would never let you get off work on time. Everyone hated him and he seemed to like that. I sighed and knocked on the door in front of me lazily. A click sound was heard and the door soon creaked open.

I peeked inside when I did not hear anyone ordering me to come in. "How did that person open the door and run away so fast ?" I mumbled to myself, glancing around the room. Still no one. "Strange." I shrugged my thoughts off and entered the dimly lit room. Taking the bottle of expensive wine in my hand, I searched around for someone even if I could not see anything."Excuse me ? Is anyone here ?" I asked with a low voice, not knowing whether I should leave the wine on the table or wait for the person to take it as I always do. I had to take the cart back with me afterwards or else, I should be ready for the tantrums of my evil manager.

I grabbed the bottle to place it on the teak table in front of me but flinched when I suddenly feel a cold breath near my neck. "Give it to me." A deep, raspy voice echoed in the nearly black room, shocking me. My grip on the green bottle loosened and it fell with a loud crash. Pieces of glass flew into every corner of the room. My eyes widened in surprise. The wine seemed expensive. It would probably cost more money than whatever I had saved my entire life. I immediately went to my knees trying to clean the mess I made.

"I'm so sorry I did not want to let it fall it's just that a-ah." I winced as a piece of glass cut through my index, crimson red liquid flowing from the freshly-made wound. Pursing my lips, I awkwardly pressed onto my finger hoping that the blood would clot sooner. It was embarassing to drop the bottle and hurt myself while trying to make things better. I could not even look at the guy in front of me. I gasped when my hand was suddenly yanked and I was brought back onto my feet. My eyes doubled in size as I was suddenly backed up against a wall. That was when I happened to see the face of the cusomer. He had skin as pale as snow as if he was not alive. His grip on my neck was freezing cold. His jawline was sharp and his pitch black messy wet bangs fell on his face, dripping water on him. But most importantly, he has red doe eyes. He trapped me between his arms, staring into my eyes.

I tried to struggle out of the unknown's strong arms only to be pushed back to the wall. He started sniffing on the crook of my neck, his cold finger tracing after his breath making me shudder. He took my bleeding finger and placed it in between his lips, sucking on it seductively while staring at me with his blood-colored irises. He stopped and went to my neck again, this time sucking on different spots leaving bruises that I knew would last. I tried to push him with my weakened arms. The little voice in my head echoed, saying I should not be doing this with a weird stranger but my body did not at all; not even by an inch.

My eyes bulged out of their sockets when I saw fangs grazing near the crook of my neck. My breath heightened, my body feeling like it could burst from the inside in any second from surprise. "Why does you blood smell so good ?" The man mumbled with a voice dripping with lust and bit his lips afterwards. My chest was heaving up and down, suddenly aroused. A rush of confidence came into me all of a sudden and I wrapped my hands around the handsome stranger's neck and started kissing him. His hand travelled to my waist and lightly squeezed it. Our lips connected as puzzles, moving together synched. He dig his fangs slightly on my lower lip, drawing a few drops of blood. The man licked the bottom of my lips, a hum leaving his pink slender lips afterwards.

His grip suddenly tightened on my waist and he pulled away from me with a hardened expression. I simply stared at him, waiting for this words. The situation in itself was weird to me. I glanced up and it was like if he suddenly got a grip on himself. "Get out." He grunt and pronounced sternly. I frown, trying to ask him why he would want me out after what happened but he banged on the wall next to me. My eyes widened as I saw pieces of bricks falling, leaving a hole on the wall. I turned my head to the man and he was not even bleeding. He showed no sign of getting hurt.

"This is all a mistake I don't mingle with low kinds like you." He rasped out and I frowned. This handsome being was no longer handsome to me. His personality was one I would prefer to stay away from. I pushed him roughly with all my strength and he did not even budge. "Move." I spat and he slightly moved to the side, letting me go away from him. I scoffed and made my way out of the room. "You know what Mr 'I-am-perfect' ? I did not even want to do anything with you. You kissed like a goldfish and I won't even ask you why you have red eyes and fangs cause you're too much of an asshole for me to be interested in you." I let the words sink and left the room immediately afterwards.

I returned to the staff room, my shoulders slumped together down from fatigue. I should not pay much heed to that man. It would only tire me more. I grabbed my backpack and my phone from my table. The smartphone made a small sound. 'Two missed calls from Stephan.' I smiled at the name and unlocked my phone. Stephan and I had been my friend since I was in my kindergarten. He protected me from all the nasty bullies since I could not really defend myself. I would never try to hurt someone even if they hurt me. That was how Mrs.Withers raised me. I called Stephan back and after two rings, he picked up. "Alicia, babe, what time are you coming back ?" His cheerful voice lightened me up as I exited the hotel. "I am getting out right now, so maybe in fifteen minutes or so."

"Don't move ! I am already on my way." I immediately stopped on my tracks and a few minutes later, a loud honk surprised me. I looked up to see Stephan in his extravagant car. "Hey sexy, wanna come with me ?" He winked, making me roll my eyes at his silliness. I opened the door, throwing my body on the comfortable seat. "Where are we going ?" I questioned and he gave me his cheeky smirk before shouting loudly. "To the club !"

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