Black Rose


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“A black rose symbolises death and grief but new beginnings as well.”

Rojean Cai has the most perfect life anyone could ever imagine. She has a stable job that pays her well, a fiance who loves her so much, and a family that will continue to support and care for her and she feels like life has just been really kind to her. Unbeknownst to her, when Krister Usoro approached her for a favour-- a favour in which she felt she couldn’t decline, her life had turned for the worse as it had never been. All hell breaks loose when the truth about a person she never thought she’d meet unveils, leaving her clinging to the thin thread of hope she has left.

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Vani Sogy

When is the next chapter coming

2022/1/14 Reply

Nurul Farhanah

cant wait to read

2021/8/19 Reply