Beneath The Wild Wind

Chapter 1


When life is too hard, you need to be strong and brave to survive. In a early age I experience to live without parents.

My father has a new family now also my mother. My father house is just beside my grandparents house, its hurt to see my father caring to his own children in other woman.

I hate my parents

I don't know if I can forgive them, my life become miserable when they left, i need to be the mother and father to my siblings.

My grandparents are the one who are supporting me in my studies and financial, They become my second parents

My four siblings Russelle, Jessica, Rolli are living with my mother but my mother introduce them as her nephew.

Me and my youngest brother Renato but we call him Moks, we are living with our grandparents but when he turned high school my mother get him and make them their slave.

"MA! just died! and now you always denying to your fucking husband that he is not your son! Then you came here just to get his money! what kind of mother are you!" my tears cant stop from falling. My mother and I having an argument about Mok's

Because all those years she cant even say that Moks is her son, how dare is she to just go here and act like she cared for Moks even she just want to get the money to support his fucking family.

"Don't shout at me I'm still your mother!" she shouted at me she was ready to slap me when I grab her hand to stop

"Don't act like you do! You left remember?! don't call yourself a mother to us because you just left your responsibilities to me!" i said in a cold voice before walking away from her

No one dared to talk, my Tita Cynn approach me and hug me. My lola just died few years ago when i was pregnant of my first child.

Ritche didn't know about it, we broke up first before i know that I am pregnant.

"Mommy dont cry.." my son hug my legs and worriedly look at me, i bend my knees, I made our face flush, I placed my palm on his face as he embraced him tightly

"Mommy will be okay..Legolas" i assured him and picked him up and walked to our room

Time passes my son got sleep i stand up and change my clothes, I had to go to my brother's casket to watch and care for the people who are sympathetic to my brother

My brother was a Seaman, he is too kind and helpful to others especially to my family, he graduated high school but didn't graduate college due to financial problem

So in our early age we were aware of the difficulties of life, I worked to support my studies because my grandparents are too old and i don't want to ask them for money for my school

So I work hard to support my own so on that i become Independent.

"Chabs watch out my son, call me when he wake up" i said to my nephew before leaving the wood house near the fish pan

"Alright.." she answer and seat in the bed, i smiled at her and walk away.

While I am walking i can hear my mother's shout, maybe they are having an argument with his husband because i was sure that her husband know about the real identity of Moks

"Why dont you tell me! I was so stupid of thinking that he is your nephew! All those years you're lying to me!" Tito Rene his husband was so angry, he even punch the wall beside him

I can hear my mother cry, she deserved it! It was so painful that even in my brother remaining days she didn't have the courage to tell her husband the truth

My brother died from motorcycle accident with his girlfriend, they are from Tarlac travel here in Lingayen, the incident happened in dawn

they were on their way to Lingayen when the accident happened.

I can my brothers friend burst out crying, the side of my eye heated, I am ready to seat in the monoblock chair when someone grab my hand and look darkly at me


"lets talk" he commanded, i am in schock so i let him drag me out of that place, i cant believed it! The father of my child was here

I have no idea how did he know about this but obcourse he's fucking rich so its easy for him to find me

"Tell me the truth?" his voice was so cold while looking directly at me, I cant breath properly nor look directly into his eyes

My hands and knees are trembling, i don't know what to say or what to do, all i fucking know that he is in front of me

"did my son died?" he said in weak voice while looking directly to my eyes, he was holding me like a fragile vase, his eyes are puffy,

once i said the truth all the hidings are finished, and my heart also are finished.

It takes time before i answered him that make his world totter

"NO..." i closed my eyes and my tears cant stop from falling its so blur, my heart was too weak to sim cry and beg too, he bend his knees and bowed my head on my thigh

"why" he cried