Aurora's Rapture

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Publisher © Josie Frank May 31th, 2020

Cover Design: By Josie frank.

I won't take credits for the pictures that will be used on this book , I get most of the pictures used for my book covers from deposit photos or my printerest app.

Personal Note:-

Hi readers,

I am Josie Frank, author of steamy contemporary romance and erotic novels. I love both reading and writing them!

It's like a hobby of mine.

First of all, I would like to thank you for choosing to download and save my book on you libary to read it. It really means a lot to me and am super excited!

I can't wait for this exciting journey!

I'm sure this book will offer you the best reading pleasure. As a compliment, like I always do I will include a few bonus stories for you just after the main book.

Hope you enjoy.

This is my very first high school novel, I haven't written one before and this is the first. I hope this novel takes you back on a ride bringing you excitement, joy, love , laughter and passion.

This novel titled “Aurora's Inferno” is like the edited version of the high school novel I started writing when I was a bit younger. But don't worry, it ain't cheesy and definitely won't make you cringe.

Okay, maybe I'll take the cringing part back. You'll definitely cringe but in the best way possible. This novel is concentrated on a lot of things.

I mean highschool isn't easy...

There's a lot of slut shaming.


Differentiation of class...

A weird heirarchy student must Respec!

Bullying and many others...

I hope all the young adults who read my book come to realize that all this doesn't have any gain but just causes more pain to another.

I'm going to work on this book with so much effort without slacking off and I don't want to sleep on this novel either, so expect daily updates.

Don't forget to always vote and comment , cause every writer wants a little appreciation for their work.

Please guys you've got to work with me on this project. I don't just want to feel like am writing just for myself so I need your reviews, your thoughts and predictions without any spoilers tho. My point is let's make this novel "Like The Best".

Love you guys

Best regards


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