At Vanessa's Wedding

1- The Bitter Heartbreak

"How could you do this to me, Katie?" The sorrow was evident in Scarlet's voice as she quickly stepped away from the bed where her girlfriend lay naked. Katie quickly covered herself with the gray duvet, looking at Scarlet.

"I-It's not what it looks like." Katie spoke as she began to get off the bed where she was laying with the guy she just had sex with.

"Bullshit." Scarlet spat as she ran a hand through her hair and tried to stop tears from falling out of her eyes.

"You told me, you were gonna work today and you're here doing..." Scarlet shook her head as she threw away the bouquet that she had in her hand. Katie had tears welling up in her eyes as well as she looked at the girl she hurt.

"I'm sorry." Katie bowed her head down which made Scarlet more furious as she glanced at the guy who was still in bed, staring at Scarlet with a smirk. When Scarlet looked at him carefully, she realized who it was.

Her fists clenched as she tightened her jaw, her eyes that were now filled with hurt and sorrow turned black. She didn't want to stay in the same room with the two as she stumbled back to get out of there. Katie began to step close to Scarlet but the other girl quickly raised her hand as to stop the girl from even coming close to her.

Scarlet turned around and left the apartment with quick steps as she was finding it hard to breathe in there.

 She was stumbling every now and then but that didn't stop her from quickly walking to her own apartment. The air was cold as it blew past her, the busy street of New York was filled with people as she kept bumping into them.

No sorry, no nothing was said as the strangers would glare at her. She had tears running down her eyes as she felt lost in the well recognized street. Nothing felt the same, and certainly not her heart which didn't want to beat anymore.

She looked up into the slowly darkening sky and wondered what she had done wrong to get this punishment. She wondered what she had done wrong to feel this kind of immense pain that didn't want to leave. She wondered, and cried as she walked with quick steps towards her apartment she called home.

Katie had her head in her hands when she felt the presence of Stewart beside her, she looked up at him with a glare as he kept up his smirk.

"Do you even know what has just happened?" Katie hissed as she threw him the worst glare she could muster. "Yeah, I finally know where I had seen you before.

A laugh escaped Stewart's mouth as Katie felt more tears streaming down her face.

"This is your fault, she hates me. She'll never forgive me." Katie mumbled sadly as the guy beside her shook his head with a smirk. "If I remember correctly, you were the one that ripped my shirt off first.

"You could've stopped me, at least then I wouldn't have broken her heart." She spat as she stood up to leave her own bedroom.

Stewart harshly grabbed her arm before he stood up to look into her eyes with a sharp look.

"Don't you dare put this all on me, okay? You came on to me." He harshly spoke as he gripped her arm tightly. "And besides, you better make everything okay with her. I am not in the position to lose my best editor.

He let her arm go and smirked as he fixed his tie, "Bye, Katie." He gave her a final smirk before he walked out of the room and out of the apartment, leaving Katie alone.

Katie had tears flowing from her eyes because she already knew that she couldn't fix anything with Scarlet. No one wants to get back together with someone that cheated on them.


The next day, when Stewart stepped foot in his office, his secretary ran inside his office with a envelope in her hand. Stewart gave her a questioning look to which she handed him the envelope before apologizing.

"What's this?" Stewart asked as he sat on his leather chair, gripping the envelope gently.

"Ms. Payne came to the office earlier and gave this envelope to the receptionist, saying to give it to you when you came in. I didn't open it." His secretary spoke while fixing her glasses on the bridge of her nose.

Stewart's eyes went a bit wide before he quickly ripped off the opening of the envelope, he unfolded the paper that sat in the envelope and immediately regretted his actions of yesterday.

He stood up from his chair abruptly, throwing the paper on his huge mahogany desk and rubbed his forehead. What sat on his desk was a resignation letter. Not any resignation letter but a resignation letter from Stewart's best editor, Scarlet Payne.

Scarlet sat in the plane with her eyes swollen and red from all the crying she did last night, with all the crying came the thinking. She thought about what she should do to go away from all the things that gave her happiness before but now, they all reminded her of a relationship that ended with the worst possible thing happening. Being cheated on.

She sighed when the announcements began, to buckle seat belts and turn off all phones. She closed her eyes as she thought about how her family would react to this surprise homecoming.

She was scared of their reactions but most of all, she was relieved to leave New York, that only gave her dreams and then heartbreak.

"We will be reaching Greenville, North Carolina in about four hours, please buckle your seat belts." The pilot's voice came from the intercom as Scarlet looked out the window, watching the plane about to take flight.

She was going to meet her family and maybe stay with her family, but there was only one problem. She didn't know how to tell them that she got her heartbroken by a girl because her family had no idea that she is gay.

Stewart sat stressed out in his leather chair as he kept rubbing his forehead. He had no idea that what he would do would backfire this much, if he knew he would've never slept with Scarlet's girlfriend.

He kept mumbling to himself about what he would do now. His glass door opened and he saw a familiar face, which made him more stressed out.

"Good morning." Lauren, Stewart's sister greeted with a huge smile as she came in the room with her handbag on her shoulder.

Stewart didn't even reply as he looked away from the girl and on the page that held the names of the people that could become an editor if he just gave them a chance.

"Wow, someone has a sour mood." The blonde girl spoke with a pout as she sat in the chair that was in front of her brother's desk.

"I didn't even see Scarlet when I came here today, did she take a leave today?" Lauren asked as she looked at her brother with her intense emerald eyes.

"She left." Stewart looked up at his sister who had a frown on her face. "What do you mean?

"She left, permanently. She just gave me a resignation letter and left." Stewart ranted as he stood up from his leather chair, to pace around his office.

"But, why?" Lauren asked as she frowned deeply, she didn't know why but she felt a sudden rush of fear...

"I slept with her girlfriend." Stewart spoke quietly which was barely audible and his sister gave him a look to repeat what he said.

He sighed, knowing that one way or another she might find out what happened, "I slept with her girlfriend.

Lauren shook her head disappointingly at her brother and stood up from her seat.

"I didn't mean to, she just came on to me." Stewart explained himself which just went to deaf ears as Lauren gave him a look.

"And you didn't have the decency to stop her or better yet, stop yourself." Lauren spoke loudly which immediately made her brother bow his head down in guilt.

"She would be so broken." Lauren spoke in concern as she imagined what the girl would've been feeling, being cheated on and with her boss.

"You have to help me, Laur." Stewart begged as he came closer to his sister. "I need her, she's my best editor."

Lauren rolled her eyes at her brother, "It's all about money for you, you don't understand her grief.

 "Please, just go talk to her or something. I promise, I'll repay you with ice cream." Stewart pleaded as he placed his hands on her shoulders.

"I want a vanilla sundae." Lauren spoke as she began to walk out of her brother's office.

"Whatever you like, baby sis." Stewart loudly spoke as Lauren made her way out of his office.


"She said, something about going back to her hometown." The landlord said as he counted the dollar bills he had scored from the questioning blonde.

"Where's her hometown?" The inquiring blonde asked as she looked at the man with a glare.

"My mind's a bit foggy..." Lauren quickly set another dollar on his palm with a sigh, making the man smile wider.

"Greenville, North Carolina." The man answered happily as he looked at the blonde.

"Any address?" The man was about to say something when the blonde again placed a dollar bill in the man's hand.

"I don't know of any addresses but thanks for the dollar anyway." The man happily spoke, making the blonde roll her eyes, before he began to walk back inside his apartment.

"Wait." Lauren spoke up and the man turned to look at her with a confused look on his face.

"How was she when she left?" The man was a bit startled from the question but his face immediately softened when he saw the gentle and concerned look on the blonde's face.

"Not good, she didn't even smile at me when she gave me the advance rent money for two months. Her eyes were all red and puffy, I think she was crying all night." Lauren's face held concern as she thanked the man with a small smile and turned around to leave.

Lauren could not imagine the pain that Scarlet had felt but she could easily imagine the suffering since, she too, had her heartbroken once.

"Do you know where her parents live?" Lauren asked her brother on the phone as she packed up her clothes in a luggage bag.

"Why, what happened?" Stewart asked from the other side, as he sipped some coffee.

"She left New York this morning, going to Greenville." Lauren answered as she placed her red dress in the bag as well.

"She what!" Stewart exclaimed as he spit his coffee all over his desk.

"I need the home address, Art." Lauren spoke impatiently as she zipped up her bag, now packed up.

"But what are you going to do with it?" Stewart asked as he ordered his secretary to get Scarlet's file while cleaning his mouth with a wet wipe.

"I'm going to get her back, that's what." Lauren spoke into her phone as she packed up her laptop as well.

"I didn't know you would go to these lengths just for an ice cream sundae." Stewart spoke with a laugh as he began to tell her the address. Stewart gestured his secretary to clean up the mess on his table.

Lauren wrote the address in a notebook before she bid goodbye to her brother, hanging up the phone.

She sighed as she knew that she wasn't doing this all for an ice cream sundae anymore. But why else was she doing this, even she couldn't understand.


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