Art of a Dreamer

Chapter Three

          I could see a tiny bit of the front window from where I was stood. I could see the sky had turned to night. And at the very edge of the visible piece of windows, I could just make out the bright curvature of the full moon. 

            As I shifted my position to try to get better sense of how high the moon was in the sky, 

I took a deep breath tossing the odd dream out of my head.

            Then a shaft of light pierced a slit in the curtains. It was the full moon and it was rising higher in the sky.

            My stomach knotted up and heart started pounding as I heard her voice.

            I found it hard to believe that I could forget what happened earlier, but I drew a total blank. She smiled even wider. It was almost warm.

            “You give me life from this painting and I thank you.” She stared and my heart sunk. 

Instead of feeling horrified, I blush. “You’re welcome,” I mutter because I don’t know what else to say. It’s as if my whole body is highly attuned to her presence. It relaxes and ignites at the same time- a weird, internal duality, and I sense that strange pulsing electricity.

              I feel her gray eyes brighten the darkness of night and her lips gave an intense pleasure in my mind. I don’t know what to do, and my hands shake at a freezing point, my jaw drops, and I can’t move like I’m in a mysterious trance. She’s not just an idea, but a real person in flesh, and I smell fragrant sandalwood coming from her auburn-colored hair.

            I flashed on a memory of her perfume when I was daydreaming during the dinner. It was sort of cinnamon and honey. She didn’t smell like that now, though. She had the same strange, untamable smell as the rest of this room.

            I took a deep breath, suddenly realizing where this was going.

            “Are you afraid?” She asks, not letting me go with her stare.

            “No!” He mutters with a lively expression.

            “Then what is it?” She asks again.

            “You can call it to love at first sight.” She faces me. Our eyes dart to each other faces

bathed in the intensity of every moment.

            For a few minutes passed, she draws nearer to my face, now I can smell her breath and all of a sudden she showed her intention where our lips met, her voluptuous breast ignites next to mine, so my body produces a chain reaction for what happened, I touch her waist so tight and make my move. I push her against the wall of my bedroom as her tongue finds mine. We kissed and taste her mouth with my tongue. The fiery feeling burned and explodes inside my whole body. Her hands landed in my head and brushed my hair so passionately, then she drapes her arms around my shoulder in a seemingly casual display of affection. I feel safe and excited with her arms around me. This is my first time in my life and I never kissed a woman before, so how come I kiss her with such skills? 

            This is what she does to me. Takes my lips and body and possesses it wholly so that I think of nothing but her. Her magic is powerful, intoxicating like I’m drunk with a love spell or enchant. I’m a moth near a lamp, unable and unwilling to escape.

            I felt the electricity between us. The ignition fire up and it was tangible, drawing us closer to a more sensation and drive. She grabs me and pushes me up against the wall, her mouth to mine., almost wet and claiming me hard and hungrily while tugging my head back. She imprisoned me in heady and reeling with excitement, thrilled as I acknowledge her need for me.

            I can’t stop the feeling. I won’t stop. Something push me hard into the limit  and I wonder how can I build my trust with such a stranger that came out with my imagination.

            ‘Am I dreaming?” It was such a weird thing to say. I asked myself as I indulged the feeling. 

            Did you ever get the feeling that everything was too perfect? Like the moment was so good that something had to be wrong? Kind of like the way a fish sees that bright, shiny lure just before it chomps down and gets hauled out of the water to become someone’s lunch.

            She smelled my breath and my skin. “Such mouth-watering scent!” She gushes with an outrageous accent.

            Thrilled from some irrepressible emotion I bite and sucked her lips she indulged the feeling and she moans into my mouth, both our lips got wet. She doesn’t stop, her tongue circling my mouth, driving me insane, on and on, around and around. One of her hands moves into my hair, pulling my head back as we kiss savagely. I am panting already. My heart beat fast, gasping for breath and my body burned like a volcano erupted just as my throat dried, thirst for something unusual. 

            “Give it to me.” She gasps.

            Her words are my undoing, and I explode, mind-numbingly into a million pieces around her, and she follows, calling out my name.

            I thought I was a beast that rages in my cage as my desire explode. I don’t understand what was happening to me, but it feels so good. Furthermore, I went crazy longing for her kisses and I guess she’s enjoying the scene with her frantic sensation.

            The dream becomes a reality and I want to explore the deepest inside her until I felt a sudden cold and frightened when her lips depart from my lips and she opened up her mouth.

            The innocent-looking eyes turned wild and furious and skin become oddly pale. Her white teeth become grinning teeth. The canines lengthened and sharpened, and her angelic face turned into a vicious look. I was no longer looking at a woman. I was looking at the vampire of some hideous beast. Am I having a hallucination? Is this a concussion from falling into the ground?

            I shook off the feeling, but I was stuck to where I stood. I can’t make a move nor speak. Furthermore, I couldn’t think straight, I felt paralyzed as I want to push her away and call for help, but my whole body tightened as my heart falls into crescendo beating.

            “I’m thirsty and I want to suck a sweet and fragrant liquid.” She gives him a salacious smile.

               I couldn’t talk. All I could do was listen, my mouth dry, my throat closed up, and my eyes fixed on those fierce eyes in front of me.