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Emila was a sweet and caring lady, who did her best to make people smile. Even though, she herself wasn't happy, she tried to portray a happy façade for the world.

Emila lived with her step-father, who didn't love her at all, and only kept her around as a personal maid whom he didn't have to pay a single penny to get things done around the house.

Her step-father, finally tired of her, arranges for Emila to be married to the eldest son of his business partner, Arthur Smith, in order to pay off a debt to him.

Jacob Smith had no interest in settling down with one woman. He was perfectly content with his Casanova ways, but when his father orders him to marry Emila he's left with little option to refuse, only because his father tells Jacob that he is giving Emila to him as a present for his twenty-eighth birthday.

Will Jacob fall in love with Emila, or will she forever suffer from unhappiness?



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