Alpha Mate


21.57k words

30 chapters



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Sadie O' Connell couldn't wait to meet her mate. She had always seen how her mother and father loved each other, which is something she couldn't wait to have herself.
What happens when she finds out her mate is the alpha of her pack, Alex Cross? He is always kind hearted to his pack and treats them with respect as long as they show it to him, but when he needed to be, he could be ruthless.
Will he learn to love her, or will he end up rejecting her?



Joy Lynn Cassidy

it is supposed to be free online, why can't I read it?

2024/3/9 Reply

although its AMAZING🎉 100%

2022/6/25 Reply

Please add chapter 10,11,12 all the way, it's a very addicting story to read and I'm loosing my mind that I can't read it.😍

2022/6/25 Reply

Lexi Lynn

good read

2021/8/22 Reply

nice book. thanks author

2021/8/6 Reply

Mračna Čarobnica

I love this. Can't wait to read the rest. 😍

2021/7/31 Reply

Dikchha Chettri


2021/7/31 Reply

Rowan DarkSnow

absolutely love this story thus far!

2021/7/5 Reply

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Dawn Mitchell

good story

2021/7/4 Reply