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No digeA naive and shy Andrea Sheldon, After she gained admission into the University got everything working perfectly but one thing became a turn in my flesh. His is Morgan Freeman. From the day She met him at the University bar her life changed. He is irresistible and cute. Andrea is beautiful, with a slender waist that revealed my perfect buns. His sight felt like heaven. 

One night's stand wreaks havoc. 

Her pack canceled her official mating ceremony to Morgan because She has a baby bump. It is an abomination.  

When it was time for their official mating right after her first childbirth. Andrea found she is pregnant for the second time and was banished from the pack.

Morgan pledged his love to her and mated nonetheless. 

But Life became hell for Andrea. Morgan was everything wrong for a faithful mate. He brought in odd friends into their home. Sometimes he got assaulted Andrea by his pack friends, he didn't see anything wrong with it. 

Andrea endured. 

One night three ladies moved into their home

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amazing storyline

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