A Search for the Lost Stars


86.84k words

40 chapters



Table of Contents


Just when Seb decided to move forward with his life and leave his past behind, Ryan came back to Estrella, and the pain caused by his broken promise hurt Seb anew.

Returning to Estrella is Ryan’s second chance in life. A chance to correct the many mistakes he had committed in the past. The biggest one of them; leaving Seb behind.

For Ryan and Seb, the lost stars of Estrella symbolize new hope, but when that very symbol is threatened to be lost forever, Seb and Ryan would have to find a way to save them.

And when losing the stars could mean losing their love forever, the stakes are even higher.

Together, in their search for the lost stars, Seb and Ryan would find forgiveness and healing that only true love could bring.



AlOoh Ki Hihifo Mateo

such a great story

2021/12/11 Reply

Gwen Dela Cruz Ortiz

i hope this is good

2021/12/7 Reply

Pavan Kumar

very nice

2021/9/1 Reply

Lolly Timtiman

I like reading novels

2021/8/7 Reply

Gideon Deborah

nice novel

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